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Barney Fife – Nip It

Barney Fife sings “Nip It In The Bud”
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25 Responses to “Barney Fife – Nip It”

  1. chumshot1 says:

    @Telstar62a Im a young person! And I nip it. In the Bud. LOLOLLOLZ I LUV this show so much.

  2. precioustheguineapig says:

    just nip it in the bud

  3. buffycharmedangel102 says:

    @videonomy Thank you!!! Glad to speak to the creator of the vid! You did an amazing job, so it was a piece of cake when deciding which would go on my Wiki! :) Hope you like the site… It’s still a work in progress (mostly the new episodes need to be finished, Gomer Pyle USMC episode pages, and RFD pages) need to be done. But we try to make it a very thorough guide to all things TAGS! :)

  4. videonomy says:

    @buffycharmedangel102 Great Mayberry site! It looks really nice, with super images. I’ll register on it. I appreciate you linking my “Nip It” video to your home page.

  5. buffycharmedangel102 says:

    If you are familiar with Wikia.. check out the Andy Griffith Show Wiki. It’s like Wikipedia, but it’s Wikia. It’s a VERY awesome site, where me and others have worked so hard to make it the go-to guide for all things TAGS (and R.F.D and Gomer Pyle USMC). It’s the Mayberry. Wikia. Com (not the Wikipedia site) but the WIkia one. Stop in, and see all the hard work we’ve done! :)

  6. tikisinspace says:

    @JABBADABBADOODOO He said “Stick em up!”.

  7. gwinn23 says:

    phriggin’ brilliant, thanks for that !

  8. francesdb1 says:

    NIP IT!!! BARNEY!!

  9. knox1st says:

    andy griffin is a good show

  10. Eugene9077 says:

    I am a big fan of the Andy Griffith show and this is one of the best videos I’ve seen in a while.  Barny is an actor and comedian exstrodinare 

  11. Telstar62a says:

    Ridiculously well done! If only more of our young people today would just nip it. In the bud.

  12. ritter89 says:

    I just realized how much Mick Jagger resembles Don Knotts

  13. PianoMan53100 says:

    11 people were nipped in the bud

  14. aladywriter says:

    LOVE this! :-)

  15. CoachCaputa says:

    Why make such a great show “ghetto”?

  16. qwertyESquirt says:

    @GoPatriots100 it’s from “The Big House” season three

  17. electrickithara says:

    Good stuff!

  18. hwy61media says:

    This is incredibly creative work. Thank you! -Michael

  19. CheckDare says:

    Nip it good.
    Thank you for the excellent post!

  20. RoxasRox1042 says:

    @GoPatriots100 I believe it’s from the episode “The Big House” where those two convicts get taken there while the State Police look for the other two.

  21. Bendito2006 says:

    Well done :)

  22. etbella3 says:

    Nip the Ringling Bros. and Barnum (Barney) and Bailey Circus in the bud. Nip all circuses, especially the cruel Shriner Circus, in the bud. Or there goes the 3rd rock from the sun. Dear St. Francis, patron saint of animals, I have called the proper authorities, the Reno police department, the FBI and Sen. Reid’s office. Now I am leaving it up to you, but you have already contacted me with your response. Operation humans — aborted.

  23. Gutsyndicate says:

    sniff it in the butt

  24. SpockLover27 says:


  25. etbella3 says:

    @JABBADABBADOODOO Snoop, snoop.

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