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Tribute to The Big Valley TV Western series from the 60′s. These clips are starring Miss Barbara Stanwyck scenes from the series

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25 Responses to “BARBARA STANWYCK Big Valley Tribute”

  1. 55mcgarrettfan55 says:

    Victoria is my favorite character on Big Valley. i really wish more of the seasons would come out on dvd.
    what episode is the clip at 0:48 from and the clip from 0:59 and the clip at 2:19

  2. scotnick59 says:

    NIGHT OF THE WOLF is the one your requesting by the time posted.
    Nick gets bitten by a rabid wolf and MAYBE has only 60 days to live…

  3. jessiediane1 says:

    Very gracefully done. Such a beautiful lady.

  4. cutandpaste1 says:

    wearjya get the musik

  5. PAM2167 says:

    In her 60′s With a full head if silver hair ms stanwick was still a very sexy sophisticated woman. I wold have made love with her untill one of died from a coronary, and it would probably be me:)

  6. JONROSE44 says:

    @HollyGoLightly1978 thank you for your comments…..she was beautiful and classy and one-of-a-kind……her like will NEVER be seen again in Hollywood…..long may she reign as “Queen Babs”…..

  7. HollyGoLightly1978 says:

    OMG I LOVE BARBARA STANWYCK SO MUCH. So beautiful and classy.

  8. JONROSE44 says:

    @TheTweeter53 ….Thank you….your comments are heartfelt….
    so glad you enjoyed my humble tribute to this great TV Classic…….still an underrated and under-appreciated TV classic from the great days of ’60′s TV…..

  9. TheTweeter53 says:

    Boy, does this tribute take me back to the days of my youth! It evokes such deeply personal memories for me. What a wonderful program this was! It’s hard to believe that Barbara Stanwyck was only 58 when they started filming The Big Valley. She had such a commanding presence about her. Such class, such dignity, such poise.

  10. JONROSE44 says:

    @klropft “Night of the Wolf”….where Nick was bitten by a wolf and thought he was going to die within 30 days….little Ronnie Howard played in this show and so did Nancy Olsen.

  11. klropft says:

    From what episode is 0:28?

  12. scotnick59 says:

    JONROSE: you have literally found your possible ONLY twin on earth who shares your devotion to THE BIG VALLEY and it’s cast members.

    Just now read your January 2009 post to me and it send chills up my spine: it sounded like me writing verbatim!


  13. oranger2525 says:

    I wish they had shown the clip where she stands up to Charles Bronson.

    She really put the macho man in his place.

    What a beautiful lady and one of the greatest actors in history.

  14. makingslides says:

    There is this nice new video from Breton2Robert called: Sensuously, Softly Sultry Carole Lombard. Nice piece of work

  15. makingslides says:

    There is this nice new video from Breton2Robert called: Sensuously, Softly Sultry Carole Lombard. Nice piece of work

  16. dhughes1027 says:

    Thank you so much. This is a beautiful tribute to a great actress. Stanwyck was a class act all the way. They don’t make them like her anymore.

  17. live4entertainment says:

    Barbara Stanwyck was a class act. This video is a beautiful tribute!

  18. interstate84man says:

    i liked her in black!!

  19. reinaldorivasnielsen says:

    wonderful, maravillosa

  20. judithhr says:

    If her hair wasn’t gray, she would not have looked like the mother! I loved this show back in the day and I was just a kid.

  21. grabit1 says:


    You get no argument here. The single greatest American film actress I have ever seen.

    With apologies to the other greats, who we know. But after 55 years of doing this, who else could have rubbed down a naked Richard Chamberland in THE THORN BIRDS, and convinced us about it?

  22. samalini says:

    I was a little boy when the iraqi tv showed this wonderful series the big valley in the early eighties. I loved it sooo much. I love it now, I love it for ever. Mrs. Barkley was a fabilous actress.

  23. scotnick59 says:

    Now THERE was a REAL actress: no baloney – she was so honest and real.

    Some of her performances in this great show should have won more Emmies than the one she received

    Perhaps the most underrated of all of Hollywood’s classic movie actresses
    Victoria was her crowning glory: one gets a sense that Stanwyck knew she was great in this and the show was a winner.

    She was right on both accounts.

  24. JONROSE44 says:

    Thank You!….STANWYCK is beautiful here…..

  25. lmx370 says:

    Simply the best actress ever. She will always be my number one favorite of all time. No one else had a career as long as hers. She worked up until the very end. Loved her in the Big Valley as well as my personal hunk Lee Majors. Barbara helped Lee a lot in the Big Valley and I’m sure he owes much of his success as an actor because of her.

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