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Another tribute to that great TV classic western, clips of entire cast with several Stanwyck clips.

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21 Responses to “BARBARA STANWYCK Big Valley Tribute II”

  1. BoltzmannsBrain says:

    Thanks for posting this. A discussion about Barbara Stanwyck brought me looking for something from The Big Valley, which is my only real memory of her.

  2. Lisica2008 says:

    Great editing!

  3. JONROSE44 says:

    @TacoNinja777, this episode was called, “Young Marauders” from the 1st season, thanks for your comment

  4. TacoNinja777 says:

    What episode is 2:19? Love the vid really cool(:

  5. contacter says:

    love the look of lee majors as a young man in this series, total nose fetishist here and his type nose bones me

  6. SKiLLiTisBomb16 says:

    What ep is 0:36? Poor heath :)

  7. Irevivis says:

    What ep. is 1.54
    Thanks for your response, I love The big valley, and and of course Heath jaja!

  8. JONROSE44 says:

    @TheTweeter53 …..Thank you for your comments….this WAS indeed the best western TV series ever on TV as it has everything, cinematogrpahy, best muscial score/soundtrack, AND, the best acting cast ever, with the Great and Wonderful, one and only, awesome Miss Barbara Stanwyck…..thank you for viewing my little humble, but heartfelt tribute to Stanwyck, and the whole Big Valley team….this was once-in-a-lifetime stuff…………………….

  9. TheTweeter53 says:

    @JONROSE44 I totally agree with your sentiments. No other western matched “The Big Valley.” All the cast members were indeed great, but what made the show really stand apart for me was the beautiful cinematography coupled with the poignant and haunting musical score. No question: “The Big Valley” was the best western in the history of television. Yes, it was better than” Bonanza.”

  10. gabbydeb says:

    I was a child when this show was originally on the air, and my Mom never missed it. LOL I have enjoyed watching the reruns on the Western Channel. It was truly a classy show, with Barbara Stanwyck in the lead.

  11. jamie1932 says:

    Such a classic, stylish lady!!!!! Great show!!!

  12. ninelivecat says:

    Barbera was fabulous in The Big Valley it wouldn’t have even been half as good a show without her

  13. TheBigValley says:

    Tribute even more beautiful in the first thanks to this striking music

  14. herculestarzan01 says:

    A melhor série de faroeste já exibida na TV brasileira e Miss Barbara é simplesmente maravilhosa atriz

  15. ZinderW says:

    The Big Valley is my second best tv western series of all time only behind BONANZA.

  16. HAPPYONE344 says:

    wow that saw awesome love that thankx . one thing i love about barbara stanwyck as mrs barkley that she did not take any crap from no one and thats include her sons lol she was the wonderful and great what she did

  17. perrypearl says:

    Barbara was so classy in her black riding gear and Linda so pretty. Lee was so handsome. Just love that show and am glad it’s on DVD now!:)

  18. JONROSE44 says:

    Amen, no other western matched “The Big Valley” and it starred the awesome Barbara Stanwyck to boot and the other cast members were pretty great too.

  19. perrypearl says:

    Only western I ever LOVED! Was like Dynasty meets Bonanza but better than them all!

  20. riverland73 says:

    love” big valley’. also love the movie barbara played in called the three mrs carroll.

  21. whiteRose51 says:

    great job! i think i like it this way better..the other one was quite long. it turned out good after all.

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