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Barbara Bain My Mother the Car Desperate Minutes

This is the last episode of My Mother the Car known as Desperate Minutes that aired in April 1966. Barbara Bain plays Frankie.
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18 Responses to “Barbara Bain My Mother the Car Desperate Minutes”

  1. NickBFilms says:

    Oh Jerry Jerry Jerry. You were on coach, could have been Gilligan. but instead you chose this show

  2. Bushbaby387 says:

    Brilliant!! This was my favourite TV Show as a kid

  3. DA90027 says:

    I never knew Barbara Bain did an episode of this show. There were so many good fantasy shows on this year (Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie, The Munsters, Addams Family) I think this one just fell between the cracks.

  4. pa20002000 says:

    uncanny resemblance – more like twins than brothers..

  5. gregorywarren1 says:

    love it then and love catching up on odd bits now.
    Love to see some DVDs too. They do Petticoat Junction & Andy Griffiths Show you find them at the cheap shops. Maybe one day this and other classics

  6. linuscomet says:

    I don’t think so. I think it was filmed in color.

  7. MerleOberon says:

    Is this colorized?

  8. Songsmirth says:

    So many of these people I had forgotten including this series! I also remembered another, “Mr. Ed.” Those were fun times. I remember this “bad guy” with the big eyes. He was alwys funny. Hate to kiss him tho’. lol

  9. FujiVyce says:

    He was funny in his Green Acres appearances too.

  10. TighelanderII says:

    In that outfit, Barbara Bain looks like Debora Harry’s mom.

  11. MattTheSaiyan says:

    This actually looks like a good show. Wouldn’t mind seeing a DVD release….

  12. jehobden says:

    I recognize the neighbor who is trying to help Dave drug the bad guys as Dave Willock, who was a frequent sitcom character actor in the 60s & 70s. He also did cartoon voices like that for Gus Holiday for Roman Holidays. The crook Bullets Morgan was played by Robert Strauss, who appeared later in April 1966 as sleazy private detective Charlie Leach, who tried to blackmail Sam & Darrin Stevens over Sam’s witchcraft in the Bewitched episode “Follow That Witch”.

  13. susanbound says:

    Jerry Van Dyke was perfect casting!

  14. Tiramees says:

    Maaan, this brings back SO many memories.

  15. yahooeirl says:

    I’ve read about the show in my listing of shows book from the beginning of the age of television to the present. It’s cool to see what people watched for shows back then. Writer’s were more creative on how they entertained people in that part of tv history. I’m less interested in the junk they show today…reality shows and less family friendly shows with swearing and violence. Trends do change so I’m positive about that.

  16. oldbandito says:

    thank you,have not seen in years

  17. missannekol says:

    I never knew it went off the aire. I must have went into future.

  18. OjaiRoy says:

    I was a fan of this show, thanks for the clips.

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