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Ballad of Paladin Music Video

Johnny Western’s famous theme with video clips from Have Gun Will Travel
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18 Responses to “Ballad of Paladin Music Video”

  1. rehobothwell says:

    Thanks fo posting this..This was a very unique western, with a great introduction, some wonderful writing and Richard Boone.

  2. WHS1982 says:


  3. wildchildoneninefive says:


    No, but Johnny Depp could probably do a better job of playing Paladin than that idiot Eminem who is rumored to be doing a movie for Have Gun – Will Travel!!

  4. JPM4662 says:

    Beautifully done tribute!
    As the kids would say, Paladin is the ultimate badass. Gunsmoke and HGWT were the # 1 and 2 shows for years, and they were on back-to-back Saturday nights on the same network. Too bad CBS didn’t to do a few crossover episodes. Imagine Paladin and Matt Dillon meeting. They wouldn’t like each other at first, but would develop a grudging mutual respect. They are the Superman and Batman of classic TV Westerns.

  5. MW277j says:

    thanks to youtube and ENCORE’s western channel Have Gun Will Travel lives on. Greta show, fantastic theme song !

  6. unclesamjr says:

    it is now being broadcast on ENCORE’s western channel.

  7. EvelTwinOfSlogmaster says:

    Paladin, bitches!

  8. 1701Tex says:

    Greatest western show ever made!

  9. mastermonarch says:

    very nice I loved this show use to watch it late at night

  10. promagnum says:

    That was really good. The video fit perfectly with the song.

  11. melollylolly says:

    he managed to crash hollywood on the basis of his talent–and become one of television’s most esteemed actors

  12. melollylolly says:

    to cokedudes: i hope you aren’t being sarcastic–Johhny Depp does not play Paladin

  13. cokedudes says:

    dose Johnny Depp Play balidon i cant tell

  14. devroshart says:

    I had my account canceled, copyright stuff that had been up for over a year suddenly caused violations. I was able to recreated this one.

  15. matman125 says:

    THANK YOU so much for reuploading this!
    Youtube jerks took it down, but this video is too brilliant to let it die.

  16. mongrelhead1 says:

    A million thanks for sharing this. Great!

  17. hal2526 says:


  18. spacepatrolman says:

    Thats jack lord at :59

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