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Ballad of Paladin Have Gun Will Travel

Ballad of Paladin, Have Gun Will Travel. Sung by Johnny Western!

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25 Responses to “Ballad of Paladin Have Gun Will Travel”

  1. firsthighlander1 says:

    @CanadianKeiffer You are welcome my friend, I agree Have Gun Will Travel was the best ever TV Western, I would say. Best Regards!

  2. CanadianKeiffer says:

    I loved H-G-W-T. What a great show (when tv was worth watching). Thanks for this!

  3. telsport says:

    @IJustHadAGreatIdea Attagirl ! Come on upstate (way up),. get a horse, and a pistol permit and live the dream !
    Tom Loughlin Jr, Utica NY

  4. trshev says:

    @blumenthol Just because he was on TV doesn’t mean he wasn’t real!!!

  5. klavistata says:

    stand by me

  6. firsthighlander1 says:

    @49erBW Absolutely the Best Western series ever I think my friend, thank you. Best Regards!

  7. 49erBW says:

    H-G-W-T was one of the Best westerns on the old B & W tube back in the late 50′s. I recently saw a guy pay $50. for one of his old business cards. They came with a toy gun & holster set that you could get at the toy stores back in the “Good Ol Days”…Met him on a Sat back in 58/59 at the grocery store when the stars did remotes at different kinds of stores to “Drum up Business”…and it DID!……He was really a “FAST Draw” artist that he worked on!…RIP Richard Boone!

  8. ANDYDOODOO says:

    i have a level 80 paladin :D

  9. DoujaDuster420 says:

    @winfin1903 hey good idea

  10. winfin1903 says:

    @DoujaDuster420 can you put this song on your computer and play it when your playing the game

  11. firsthighlander1 says:

    @CesMan83 His character would strike fear into the bad guys there is no doubt of that my friend. Best Regards!

  12. firsthighlander1 says:

    @greatglenno1 I agree my friend. Best Regards!

  13. greatglenno1 says:

    one of the best early westerns.

  14. CesMan83 says:

    Richard Boone was described by famous crime novelist George Pelecanos as a “prototype badass”…a very good description!

  15. winfin1903 says:

    stand by me

  16. firsthighlander1 says:

    @nfelge Thank you my friend I am glad you enjoy the show it is I think the best TV Western series ever made, it is truly excellent. Best Regards!

  17. CJurasin says:

    @IJustHadAGreatIdea Neat story…….I’m sure you had FUN!!! ;-) I grew up watching “Have Gun Will Travel” also, we never missed it.

  18. CJurasin says:

    @Baskerville22 Well put…..and you’re RIGHT ON!!!

  19. nfelge says:

    On Encore Westerns EVERY DAY! Im a Sophomore in High School, and this is my favorite show. I come home evry day excited for this! They need more shows at this level of excellence!

  20. DoujaDuster420 says:

    This is making me want to play Red Dead Redemption.

  21. firsthighlander1 says:

    @dgentry1985 Keep the blades revolving my friend. Best Regards!

  22. dgentry1985 says:

    humble hal herrington here from waynesboro GA – have lawnmower will travel

  23. firsthighlander1 says:

    @blumenthol We need heroes these days my friend, even fictional ones in the abscence of real ones, is better than no heroes at all. Best Regards!

  24. blumenthol says:

    people need to stop lookijng for heroes in tv – period.

  25. firsthighlander1 says:

    @Baskerville22 You make a very valid point my friend, thank you. Best Regards!

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