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Badass Babalu

Desi Arnaz at his badass best!

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25 Responses to “Badass Babalu”

  1. julie11061 says:

    @grammy70 WOW! You’re so lucky! I’m only 13 and nobody today will ever be as good as stars such as Desi Arnaz. I really wish more people my age appreciated this kind of music and acting.

  2. WrenskiBaby says:

    Yeah baby, loosen that tie! What a sexy, sexy man.

  3. 1simaddict1 says:

    @Brisi502 well he’s latin…most latin guys are hot n sexy

  4. MrLoco00791234567890 says:

    @Brisi502 you must be really horny!

  5. bbqeatinbuckeye says:

    With respect to Spanish speaking people, are the lyrics loosely translated as “I want a black woman who’ll give money-don’t want her hair to be dyed’ whilst yelling out to a “god” called Babalu? A co-worker from Puerto Rico was translating for me. Just wondering. Bow before Desi awesomeness on the conga drum.! He da Man!

  6. mcfrdmn says:

    Lovely performance

  7. mistermateriel says:


    Baba = Daddy

    Lu = Lucifer

  8. knoxvilleguy2 says:

    This stuff, as they say, ROCKS !!! It’s going to be around for decades after some of the crap they call music today fades away like a fart in a windstorm.

  9. ABAisSCIENCE says:

    Miguelito valdes – Babalu.

    Enough said.

  10. cubanbach says:

    Pure energy! What a great man!

  11. VonCouch says:

    I wish they still had clubs like this today. Grab a cocktail and watch an incredible show. Now it’s just terribly lit dance floors with terrible thumping music.

  12. hitop363 says:

    that nigga is ill son!

  13. mandycat45 says:

    Playing comedy as they did (and filmed in black in white) it’s easy to forget that Lucy and Desi were actually very good looking people. If you haven’t viewed them dancing to Cuban Pete here, take a look. They’re both sexy.

  14. BIG4Life899 says:

    That’s one sexy Cubano papi!!!

  15. nowthatsacookie says:

    @grammy70 Elvis didnt have the rhythm that Desi had. And I wish I coulda been there with you. Amazing! I Love Lucy was one of my fav shows.

  16. TheTheater4life says:

    Ye Gods! Desi is one of the sexiest men I’ve seen in long time! I remember when my mom bought me my first “I Love Lucy” box set, I was 12. Almost 3 years later & my feeling for him have never been altered in the slightest bit! Just watching Desi play those drums makes me…Wet!

  17. ChronicRachel says:


  18. ChronicRachel says:

    @Brisi502 i hear you!!!! hot damn! ha

  19. grammy70 says:

    Unfortunately I was all of 10 or 11, but it sure established a precedent for the coming years. LOL. Try Cuban Pete……how could Elvis move me after Desi??

  20. LPF767 says:

    @grammy70 Wow, your REALLY lucky!

  21. grammy70 says:

    @JiuClaw22 THAT OLD……and I still get that “old feeling”!! lol

  22. JiuClaw22 says:

    @grammy70 Dang how old are you

  23. heinellheillen says:

    miguelito valdez es mejor cantando este tema ,,,escuchenlo

  24. mamboking138 says:

    He was the man to bad smoking cigs killed him :(

  25. GAP4EVER says:

    @Ari721 No, “Ricky” is short for Enrique (Henry) so his name would’ve been Enrique Ricardo or “Henry Richard” if he were white. LOL

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