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Badass Babalu

Desi Arnaz at his badass greatest!
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25 Responses to “Badass Babalu”

  1. MrDaltonJr says:

    @poeavor That people like you are walking around in the world with horrible taste and ideas is horrifying. Arnaz was a tour de force in both music and television, and anyone who disputes that should be erased from the gene pool.

  2. MrDaltonJr says:


  3. PatronFabian says:


  4. scarletibis24 says:

    Hey, do you think you can add his performance of “Jezebel”? I really like that song.

  5. dimensionalyspeaking says:

    wow desi, i love you LOL you were so freaking good at what you did,

  6. darkfiresl2 says:

    Fun fact: Desi is invoking and welcoming Babalu-Aye, the Orisha (god) of healing and fortitude in Santeria. Watch how wild eyed he gets as he gets to the climax when Babalu supposedly arrives.

  7. poeavor says:

    This guy sings horrible. The orchesta was ok, but who told him he could sing? He can’t even play the druims well.

  8. BlackFenderStrat says:

    Hard to believe they have all passed away. I watch them everyday on tv.

  9. Stantheskeptic says:

    @grammy70: I’m lucky. Desi and Lucy were in my generation so I can enjoy both them and the contemporary stuff you enjoy, too. There’s always been good music, and I expect there always will be.

  10. narkoska12345678 says:


  11. kulmankulman says:

    Great video. Thanks for the upload. I love this rhythm.

  12. bulletman100 says:

    i like how his hair gets more and more messed up as he goes. great performance.

  13. bulletman100 says:

    Desi was aware of the caracter he played on Lucy. He played it perfectly. Plus he was a badass latin musician. I used to watch reruns of it every day after school in the ’70s. I later became a successful bass player, and I am sure this was an influence.

  14. Ylirymiry says:

    Haha, I like the title.

  15. Bflatest says:

    my cats name was Babalu :)

  16. Gomita010 says:

    haha garfiel toca esta cancion en un episodio hahaha xD

  17. lindianarch says:

    Ay ay ay ay ay

  18. weightfeather1 says:

    Desi did not have a great singing voice. Lucy said his voice wasn’t so much great as it was loud! Whet Desi had was an ability to “sell” a song, in other words, to really connect with his audience. This is one of the best examples on film of Desi’s great charisma and ability to draw his audience to him like moths to a flame. He was a fabulous performer.

  19. originalmatchgame says:

    What energy !!!

  20. loqdijoLrey says:

    He is the Cuban Elvis!!!! ahh, by the way, I love this song and sing it because I like its rhythm, I think the song is so popular nowadays that it is not sung for religious reasons

  21. cvictoria123 says:

    @battenwood Well ofcourse i was not personally there with him but from what i know this song is a homage to babalu and you would have to have zero knowledge about Santeria to not sing it for that reason. Also he was Cuban and babalu is one of Cuba’s patriot saints. Also any song that is sang for a particular saint is considered either a invocation, payment or offering for whatever the saint did for you. so to answer you- i do believe it was for san lazaro.

  22. gomerijos says:

    @battenwood Margarita Lecuona’s fathe was a cousin of Ernesto Lecuona.She was born in 1910 in Cuba and died 1981 in New Jersey.She authored more than 300 songs.
    Babalu was written inthe mid 30′s.Desi Arnaz recorded it in 1946.

  23. battenwood says:

    @gomerijos Desi and Miguelito were good friends by all accounts. The song was actually written by a woman, Margarita Lecuona, but I can’t find that she ever recorded it.

  24. battenwood says:

    @cvictoria123 Do you think Desi believed in it or did he just think it was a cool song and a crowd pleaser to perform?

    I don’t believe in it and I’ve been singing “Babalu” since I was a kid.

    (My mother-in-law used to believe in it but that’s another story.)

  25. battenwood says:

    @tescgovdocs They were running an “I Love Lucy” marathon on one of the cable channels last week…it might still be on.

    At the end of the song, you can hear a very loud “yeah” from Bill Frawley (Fred Mertz).

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