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Babylon five – No Surrender, No Retreat

The original Babylon 5 Season four DVD Suite – No Surrender, No Retreat

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  1. SantomPh says:

    @DRPSUK there are about 250,000 people on B5 , so that’s a lot- not counting the people who come and go all the time.

  2. Zumzing says:

    I liked Star Trek too, but this, i feel, went beyond the Trek. If you missed an episode or two of this, things didn’t make sense for a while afterwards, plus things that happened way back suddenly made sense. Cleverly writen and never seeming long enough, the time just vanished into mere minutes when on tv, nobody in our family spoke while it was on an going to the loo wasn’t an option until the adverts came on.

  3. ShangoRaiden says: aren’t you curious?

  4. ShangoRaiden says: aren’t you curious?

  5. Waine999 says:

    I’m a very, VERY passionate and loyal trekkie; Just ask my friends who can’t stand my bad klingon accent! But I can still say with good conscience that Babylon 5 is in some ways superior to Star Trek. Not to say that Star Trek beats B5 in some areas as well. For me Babylon 5 is a TV-Show and Star Trek is Star Trek.

  6. DRPSUK says:

    @PaulusAlone A series of CSI:ISS (International Space Station) would thankfully be a very short lived series, owing to the short supply of potential victims and new murderers each week…

  7. warstomper says:

    @PaulusAlone agreed

  8. warstomper says:

    @Danny77uk agreed

  9. ImperialAtlantis says:

    @Danny77uk Yeah, they weren’t kidding when they said it was the year everything changed.

  10. filrut says:

    11 people do not know what they want or who they are

  11. PaulusAlone says:

    @TyriaelSoban Aah yes, I hear you. Especially on the subject of Crusade.
    I wouldn’t care, but if you look at the First season of Star Trek: The Next Generation, it was a little ropey (to say the least) but it became a juggernaut…
    But, that’s TV executives for you – I heard that Family Guy was only brought back by massive DVD sales after it was cancelled.
    Honestly, it seems the only way we will get any new sc-fi saga on TV these days, is if they decide to do a ‘C.S.I. In Space’ show…sob.

  12. PaulCastle001 says:

    A fantastic precis of B5, with scenes chosen to match the drama and the music. Bravissimo!

  13. TyriaelSoban says:

    ive watched it time and time again, my old man has this all on dvd and i keep borrowing them along with crusade which had promise but they killed it too early, and im a trekkie as well, it was a very well thought out show – although i feel it ended a little soon everything seems to do that these days

  14. pikabko1 says:

    Babylon 5 one hor series. made Sci-Fi histoiry

  15. ratcom says:

    wow ! i must admit babylon 5 beats them all hands down.

  16. AngellisAOC says:

    @Fliuck – we’ll find out…in a million years’ time :)

  17. Spionsilver says:

    0:29 RIP

  18. Shadowbummer says:

    God I do miss Babylon 5… :(

  19. PaulCastle001 says:

    Quite simply, the best sifi series.

  20. TheKollav says:

    Lyta is hoooooot

  21. RicoADF says:

    @PaulusAlone I actually think the lower budget was good, with too much $ shows tend to focus on the graphics and oo ah pretty aspect, going for mainstream audience to cover the costs like Star Trek does. Smaller budget forces people to be creative and allows them to try new stuff without so much pressure on bringing in as much to cover the budget.

  22. Fliuck says:

    @Svinue But at the end of Season 4 did not the last epiesoad say that humanity after evolving past a certain mark went to the Vorlon homeworld and claimed it as our Nova Terra after the sun exploded?

  23. Svinue says:

    @Fliuck I dont. It is a part of their secret. .-)

  24. Fliuck says:

    One thing I always wanted to see in Babylon 5 was the Vorlon Homeworld. Wonder what it would have looked like?

  25. KakashiBallZ says:

    1:43 ShadOWNED

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