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Babylon 5: Victory Class Battle

Victory Class EAS Excaliber and EAS Victory in combat. A Drakh fleet is sent to Earth to destroy it. President Sheridan and the Interstellar Alliance makes a desperate stand against the Drakh Planet Killer. Video Clips from Babylon five: A Call to Arms Music by Jeremy Soule
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Babylon 5: Victory Class Battle”

  1. Grizby01 says:

    Anyone thinking of watching B5 should not consider this clip as an accurate example of the shows style. The many season of main series had a very different style to this clip from way below par follow up movie.

    The series and the movie In The Beginning are infinately superior to this clip in every possible way, with the exception of the higher quality special effects, which were nice, but alone don’t provide any satisfaction.

  2. xxsoka says:

    i always watch babylon 5. .. i always watching it.. except for the ending part when i have to went out of town. that is suck… now i am looking for dvd but i cant find it here in indonesia…

  3. aarontaylor94 says:

    Aw how i missed my chance to watch Babylon 5 on t.v.
    someone hit the refresh button please

  4. mcsquizy says:

    why has this not been remade with only aesthetic and actors being changed

  5. morden279 says:

    @Vasenkasigaderlosa Compared to Evan Chen’s original “score” it’s the offspring of John Williams and James Horner with Vangelis as the Godfather.

  6. aceshigh696 says:

    and the word of the day boys and girls is……..”FIRE!”

  7. ChristyClarkFan says:

    @chengloki This was the movie “Call to Arms”

  8. silaku says:

    @arveduilastking for one, the show wasn’t overly depressing.

  9. Vasenkasigaderlosa says:

    Shit music, fuck

  10. OneTrueEdge says:

    Gerabaldi has a Bruce Willis complex.

  11. technocratvlad says:

    @starflame34 It’s not random, when entering hyperspace the window is orange-ish with some yellow, but when exiting hyperspace it’s blue, though this convention has at times been overlooked, presumably due to “advancements in hyperspace technology”. Also the look of the portals changes in the movies, when better CGI became more widely available. Quantum space windows are all blue, and quantum space is apparently blue itself not the red hue that normal hyperspace is.

  12. starflame34 says:

    I watched B5 for quite some time now, and I can never seem to understand why when you open a hyperspace portal/window, or whatever, why is the color either blue, yellow, or orange? Is it always random or does is there something to it?

  13. chengloki says:

    @darksau Thank you. I checked my DVD’s. You’re right. When you get my age, the first thing to go is….. uhhh, I forget. =Stefan=
    P.S. Hey, at least I remember by sign off!!! =S=

  14. darksau says:

    @chengloki Crusade I think …

  15. chengloki says:

    Funny, I don’t remember Pres. Sheridan in command of the “Excalibur”. And I don’t think that I ever missed an episode of B-5. Can someone out there set me straight? =Stefan=

  16. TempestFore says:

    John Sheridan was a badass! When’s he making a comeback already!?

  17. qu1nnc says:

    That’s a hell of a fleet

  18. Keurosaur says:

    @arveduilastking Oh HELLA better than BSG.

  19. notablegoat says:

    I think BSG’s story is as good as Babylon 5s. Even though they both take place primarily on ships in space, they can be difficult to compare. BSG, in general, as a darker tone the B5 (notice I said darker,not more realistic as many tend to interpret “darker”). Also, BSG as a more concentrated story (the humans fight for survival being a constant theme). However, B5 is able to explore more diverse ideas than BSG, and play to more variable characters and plot lines. Effects don’t really matter. :)

  20. BehelitOutlaw says:

    @alexandercominski bsg ….

  21. bigwhitehound says:

    good video, but too much music.

  22. ankianka16 says:

    Just me or does the enemy ships at 1:58 look like those from spaceinvaders :P

  23. MRrem210871 says:

    @wargammer2006 get a life saddo,compare your gran and the rent man !!!!!! nothing there to compare….get it,lol …..

  24. zeratul1356 says:

    I havnt watched B5 but if it does have better character development than BSG then it must be literally amazing.Because BSG was by far the best sci fi TV show ive ever seen.BSG made me have no life for quite some time.Everything about it was amazing

  25. wargammer2006 says:

    the sad part of this video is this.

    we see in world events that Fire is again comming to us.
    the Fire of War.
    it has started……
    we do not yet know where or when it will end.
    we do not have a Leader like John Sherriden to guide us.

    May God Help us all in the coming months.

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