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Babalu On A Conga Drum

Desi Arnaz performs his signature ethnic song in this 1946 video clip
Video Rating: four / 5

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16 Responses to “Babalu On A Conga Drum”

  1. kurtcer says:

    @neverknewtillnow that was AWESOME…thanx!

  2. Takaheemuranastope says:

    we need to play this at prom

  3. KhakiBlueSocks says:

    You know it’s a party when it goes from inside to inside! Bang that Conga Drum Desi!

  4. arelys912 says:

    Man he played his heart out!!! Badass!!

  5. kristov29 says:

    I always think of Arnaz as the sharp businessman and TV pioneer, but my wife points out how good looking he was and what a fine voice he had.

  6. fusejockey says:

    Good one – appears to be at the end of a Warner Bros. movie ?

  7. avenacon1pasa says:

    solo se que siento fuego salir por mi pecho es increible

  8. neverknewtillnow says:

    Pleased you ennjoyed it.

  9. Shabannie says:

    I enjoyed Babalu!

  10. sugarlipz96 says:

    desi is gorgeous! and so talented!

  11. Kell1295 says:

    I just re-read my post I meant to say I have always thought Desi was a sexy man.

  12. Kell1295 says:

    I always thought Desi was a sex man.
    I missLucy :(
    I Love Lucy! :)

  13. alexandshady says:

    Love his voice here.

  14. wrlord says:


  15. fishengrl58 says:

    this one is my favorite

  16. cvwtzhaar says:

    One of my favorite Desi recordings…

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