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Ayn Rand Interview with Tom Snyder, (1 of 3)

Seeing as how we only have a couple of other interviews with Rand up here on Youtube, I thought I’d add this one to the list. Lesser recognized then the Phill Donahue or Wallace ones, it is still a treat to see her in action.
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25 Responses to “Ayn Rand Interview with Tom Snyder, (1 of 3)”

  1. CuddlyBadger says:

    @horkowl Oh who cares about the left wing anyway. This country is a federal republic and any delusions of democracy are tied to an anchor of hopeless fantasy. They think they represent anyone who isn’t brainwashed into the neo-con neo-Christianity. Utter crap. Time for a new party system.

    Nope, no Packers… I’m just a badger. I’m from the West Coast.

  2. horkowl says:

    @CuddlyBadger Thanks for looking it up, C.B. [do you root for the Packers :) ?]…. The left wing (which has no intellectuality in which it could be befogged, snark) seems reasonably well-defined by its attitudes at least (& generally by its history as a political movement as well)–so that leaves room for many different attitudes and values and philosophies and so forth amongst the rest of us, who become the “right wing” since we’re not of the left wing. Some philosophically based; most not.

  3. CuddlyBadger says:

    @horkowl I looked it up and it appears to have been aired on July 2, 1979 on “The Tomorrow Show”.

    She saw the Republicans as lacking leadership, whereas today’s Republicans see what followed this interview (i.e. the Reagan administration) as their ultimate moment of leadership. She was right all along–the right wing is utterly lost in an intellectual fog.

  4. CuddlyBadger says:

    Tom is such a lovable dumbass.

  5. yupitsjessbbyx3 says:

    Her philosophies make sense, she has a unique perspective of the world, and shes an incredible writer.

    I just for some reason can’t stand her work lol

  6. davijeph says:

    @AkitoJr No thanks

  7. AkitoJr says:

    fuck this cunt

  8. LeeFoxRox says:

    Those who condemn Rand have the same didactic mindset of those that condemned Copernicus and Galileo for daring to show that the Earth is not the center of the universe.

  9. mixtzin says:

    @urdisturbing I agree with you 100%. I do find some of her ideas are interesting, but I don’t think she is a genius. There are flaws in her reasoning. What amazes me is that her ideas are so radical on individualism; against religion and dogma, yet she became a sort of cult figure.



  11. SatchmoSings says:

    @fertileharmony That’s “martial” law, not “Marshall Law” unless you’re referring to military law handed out by the late Gen. George C. Marshall.

  12. notredamehesamighty says:

    Rand has great appeal for high school sophmores who have a tiny sliver of philosophical education. They think they’re being radical when it is simple immaturity. This is also typical of conservatives in general and Tea Partiers in particular. These people really DO believe they are victims, somehow, of an out-of-control society.

    Pretending selfishness is a virtue is simply juvenile. Face it: there is an obligation we all have to our fellow humans. It’s not so scary to be decent.

  13. teapartyxpress says:

    I’ve given up on Ayn Rand. See accepted Medicare and Social Security and smoked dope.

  14. fertileharmony says:

    “The ultimate tyranny in this society is not control by Marshall Law; it is control by the psychological manipulation of consciousness through which reality is defined so that those that exist within it do not even realize that they’re in prison.”

  15. lourak says:

    @urdisturbing You make an insightful point! Indeed – it is quite laughable that she would be called by the name “philosopher”. Througout her work, even in her most sustained philosophical discourse, she remains absolutely juvenile in her logical constructions.

  16. gingowitch says:

    She is a demon.

  17. urdisturbing says:

    This woman believes that every philosopher since Aristotle was completely wrong about everything, and while at the same time saying “There can be no disagreement between rational people.” I am genuinely amazed that there are educated people in this world who think she was a serious intellect.

  18. SatchmoSings says:

    @illuminatioracle Thank you so much for this polite and RATIONAL exchange; it has been my own personal experience that here on “Youtube” that this is rather rare and I’m not just saying that because we agree; I have met people that I disagree with who clearly and with no rancor, state their p-o-v and I must admit they’ve even taught me a thing or two.

    Again, thank you so much; it was nice to have met you.

  19. illuminatioracle says:

    @SatchmoSings well yeah, in the case of Bill Gates, Rand wouldn’t respect him because he is relying on the aid of the law in order to help crush the competition in exchange for favors. Rand outright said there should always be a firm barrier between law and private industry. this is no longer the case as we have ‘bailouts’ now for loser businesses.

  20. SatchmoSings says:

    @illuminatioracle Oh, no question about it; I have great respect for someone like Henry Ford who really did have “a better” and totally original idea vs. let’s say, Bill Gates who rips off software developers and repeatedly lobbies Congress to let in IT experts from India so he won’t have to pay a living wage to Americans.

  21. illuminatioracle says:

    @SatchmoSings let’s face it, romanticizing business investors and other wealthy people who got that way by playing markets and trading currency is laughable, but there is a great deal of respect we should give to those with ingenuity, intelligence, the creators that advance our society and can live comfortably off the fruits of their labor.

  22. horkowl says:

    A marvelous interview, of which I was unaware. Miss R. seems so relaxed, comfortable, and happy. The sparkling eyes, the joyous laugh…she is in her true maturity and possibly at her very best. And Mr. Snyder is a marvelous interviewer. Do you happen to know when the interview occurred? Another site gives a date of 1959, which is obviously wrong. (Mr. Snyder would have been all of 23! )

    Thanks so very much for posting this.

  23. timdaman123 says:

    the difference between economic power and political power: economic power is exercised by means of a positive, by offering men a reward, an incentive, a payment, a value; political power is exercised by means of a negative, by the threat of punishment, injury, imprisonment, destruction. The businessman’s tool is values; the bureaucrat’s tool is fear.

  24. spactick says:

    Isn’t it ironic that Ayn Rand would be such an anti feminist , and yet do soooooooo much to garner respect for intellectually inclined women.

  25. 1tonykirk says:

    Every Sovereign State’s NAT’L GUARD IS OVERSEAS. When Obama executes FEMA’s plans “For Continuity of Government and Martial Law” 20k Troops are stationed on US Soil,”Posse Comitatus” is suspended by “the PATRIOT Act”. Military controls the Police.”Treaties” w/ the UN, the US has lost Sovereignty. UN, NATO, XE, TROOPS in US. Inter’l Law TRUMPS the US CON, our FUNDAMENTAL LAW and greatest in World History next to the D of I.
    on YT: Republic of Missouri, The CHANGE Your Founders Believed In

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