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Awesome Clayton Moore Swordfight

This comes from Chapter 1 of the movie serial, “The Perils of Nyoka” (1942). Clayton Moore is really very an action star, and he moves like a monkey in this spectacular swordfight scene! Seven years later he would take on his most renowned role as TV’s “The Lone Ranger”. So renowned, in reality, that his name will forever be linked with that character. In this clip, Clayton is the hero, Dr. Larry Grayson. The heroine Nyoka Gordon is played by Kay Aldridge (the one clobbered by the pot). Lorna Gray, later identified as Adrian Booth, played the vixenish villainess, Vultura. Watch how Moore moves in this scene, and just how physical he really is in this role. There had been a lot of swordfights in Golden Age Hollywood, but I’ve noticed absolutely nothing as rough and tumble as this 1, where he’s truly throwing stuff, kicking baskets into the air, jumping over and under tables…Clayton makes use of just about all his surroundings. You can tell he really got into the portion.

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  1. Motaro76 says:

    This man seems to be doubled due to lack of strength and stamina, but Kay Aldridge 6ft tall and strong girl, had yet other reason to be doubled. She always forgot, that fight must be IMITATED took it for real, fought in full strength and so injuried two tough stuntmen. In her school years she always protected weaker boys from bullies and later, by filming of Nyoka Kay have recovered her most epic school fights. She was taller and stronger than any boy, so bullies had no chances.

  2. FamilyOfMan1975 says:

    If I were an Arab, a woman or a gorilla I’d be SO offended!
    Fortunatly, I’m not so I can really enjoy this clip. It’s always fun to see Clayton Moore doing something besides The Lone Ranger (which I loved).
    He was also a bad guy in the serial: “Radar Men From The Moon”.

  3. CanadaAstro says:

    Somebody throw that Monkey a Flipping Banana!!!

  4. spurnthemuse says:

    @SupernautG Al Qaeda is a patsy for deeds, planned by jesuits, and done by knights of malta, cia, ex-gladio members, and mossad. Get your attributions right. It’s just like in the Fontdalfondo comment, the real doers are not the ones, who have been publicized.

  5. Fontdalfondo says:

    Not to take anything away from the great job Clayton Moore certainly does here, but it’s really not that hard to spot the many key shots where he is being doubled by a more curly-headed stunt man. That would be the sensational, legendary Dave Sharpe, who deserves the lion’s share of the credit for the major action highlights (for example, ‘kicking baskets into the air [and] jumping over and under tables”).

  6. SupernautG says:

    Take that al-Qaeda!

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