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Ask The Family members – Final – 1983 – HQ

Robert Robinson helms the tricky quiz.

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12 Responses to “Ask The Family members – Final – 1983 – HQ”

  1. vanillaorchid says:

    I want the Marks to win, as they have a parent who isn’t a teacher/lecturer/quantity surveyor.

  2. Lytton333 says:

    What is ‘weird-looking’ about these people? How conceited of present-day posters on here to maintain that these folk are abberant just because they don’t fit into present-day norms of personal-appearance.

  3. cableguy786 says:

    Ella Marks is a lesbian

  4. nakedmambo says:

    @DisgustingArsehole It was the time when the BBC reflected actual (admittedly mostly middle-class, weird-looking) people in society rather than inventing the norm based on screening as many people as possible for the people most willing to make fools of themselves and put on a free clown show for the evening. The technical style was no different than other channels it reflected how the budget was used instead of spending a fortune on glossy crap to please people looking for American-style telly.

  5. siberianpaws says:

    At least the girls look like actual children and not budding porn stars like they would today!

  6. DisgustingArsehole says:

    Wow, the BBC really was f’ing awful back then wasn’t it? Everything about this clip is horrible – the cheap looking titles that go on too long, the tasteless and tacky set (I mean come on), the dreary families who (like everyone else English in those days) always looked very awkward on TV, the boring questions, the comb-over. I love it!

  7. jcpadmore says:

    @fremsley001 – The Bugsy Malone music!!! Yeah! That goes on for bloody ages too!! It was a different age then though, wasn’t it? Everything like that was relatively new to TV and people had much longer attention spans in those days.

  8. jcpadmore says:

    @fremsley001 – Haha!!! It’ goes on for about 20 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!! FFS!!!! Someone was obviously very proud of their graphics and sound combo and wanted to show off!!!!

  9. jcpadmore says:

    Mr Aldwinckle looks like he modeled himself on the “Sir Clive Sinclair” look! ;-D

  10. bisbald69 says:

    was reden sie bitten die Familie

  11. fremsley001 says:

    It is all so terribly slow … the dog graphic with the barking that goes on a little too long for comfort, ditto the music for the music question. And those ball-crushingly dull parents who must come home from their dreary jobs to drill their gauche offspring in the lesser-known plurals!

  12. radarvank says:

    Are you an Aldwinckle or a Marks? I’ll be putting up the Aldwinckles in the following year’s champions rematch in a few days…

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