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As The World Turns 1993-1999 Opening

Here it is folks…some of you have been asking for it, so I am back w/ the 1993-1999 Four Seasons Opening, also known as “Jelinda’s Theme” for ATWT. This was the first mix from 1993-1995.

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25 Responses to “As The World Turns 1993-1999 Opening”

  1. nhiapthao says:

    its so sad, they canceled this show and Passions. the two soap operas that i watched.

  2. Ch0coDK says:

    This video just brought a smile to face. I remember as a child my mother would watch this show and I would love to watch the opening just for the music and the cool graphics on the letters.

  3. 1dbhsa says:

    Omg, i remember this theme as a child… if nothing else about this show. The ending announcement always got you excited about the show.

  4. thirtymphs says:

    @adelgado75 Those were different times though. It’s all about ad dollars and the programmers don’t care enough to give the soap geeks one last credits hurrah. I can understand it from a business perspective but I don’t like it.

  5. adelgado75 says:

    In my opinion a true soap opera theme. Too bad they didn’t bring this back for the last week of the show’s run. Damn they didn’t even have one last credit crawl. When Edge of Night ended its run on ABC they played the slow C&B theme and a proper credit crawl. It was bitter sweet.

  6. TheZ58 says:

    Great theme.

  7. staryeyes84 says:

    Miss this show:( was a big part of my life.

  8. marcoemiel says:

    This is the best open !!
    It´s a real good show.

    It´s still on tv in the Netherlands ,I watch it every day.

  9. Mraltima99 says:


  10. antonzap says:

    @Mraltima99 Funny, this is my least favorite opening. It started just weeks before Douglas Marland’s death, and the complete collapse of a once great show. This opening just signifies the beginning of the end for me.

  11. Mraltima99 says:

    My Favorite opening ATWT!

  12. HotlantaBoricua says:

    This was the best opening….very relaxing and could have been traditional! Something you do not see in many soaps!

  13. sanyo51 says:

    memories from the old days

  14. Joshuaguss says:

    0:40 As The WORLD Ends

  15. MrTre5670 says:

    @aurorasky19 I KNOW ITHAT’S RIGHT

  16. MrTre5670 says:

    @4theroof AND A GLASS OF WINE

  17. MrTre5670 says:


  18. 4theroof says:

    In my opinion this opening is better than The young and the restless opening. The young and the restless opening is over rated.

  19. 4theroof says:

    this opening is amazing it makes me want to take a hot buble bath with candles.

  20. jordanda211 says:

    awwhhh my favorite!

  21. greggesimmons says:

    This was the theme for most of my time on the show, loved seeing this clip with Brooke Alexander and Phillip Bosco. Both were great to work with. Really kind of sad that today is the last episode, goodnight.

  22. radiodj1520 says:

    In This Clip, From 0:07 To 0:46, It Was “As The World Turns” Video Open From February 3, 1993.

  23. ForeverKaman says:

    Who is Jelinda’s, I don’t watch ATWT, so I don’t know what couple this is. I like the theme, it’s pretty, w/ the nature in the letters.

  24. Sk88p says:

    My absolute favorite opening..
    I get goosbumps whenever i hear and see it. dunno why..

  25. aurorasky19 says:

    My favorite opening thems. The beautiful dawn of day; the intense, passionate storm of night. the four seasons; all as the world turns. I love it.

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