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As The Globe Turns – Early 80s Opening Theme

This is the opening credits from the early 1980s for the soap opera As The Globe Turns.
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25 Responses to “As The Globe Turns – Early 80s Opening Theme”

  1. jmjfanss says:


    That’s your Opinion, But Hogan Sheffer brought this soap back to life.

  2. TimsDale4ever says:

    @jmjfanss 1999 (after 21 years) is when I could no longer stomach this once magnificently interesting soap. It turned into either the Jack and Carly hour, or the Rose and Lily hour, or the Katy and Simon and Henry hour. It was beyond awful and it NEVER found its way back!

  3. kjchicago1 says:

    @grhdanny That younger announcer who stayed on with ATWT until the end of July 1998 was Dan Region

  4. kjchicago1 says:

    @notthefather That’s Dan McCullough, the frst announcer on ATWT! McCullough retired in 1982 to make way for the other ATWT announcer, Dan Region, who left in 1998!

  5. calalilygirl says:

    One of the great soap themes

  6. soap1919jt says:

    @coolwafferman I loved those bumpers, too, particularly the second, more mellow one played just as part two would begin.

  7. anonUK says:

    Did they do product placement as part of the sponsorship, (“I just love this coffee! And look, the outside of the mug is so clean!”) Or was it just kept to the intro?

  8. jmjfanss says:


    It got ruined after marland died until 1998 and the hogan sheffer era.

  9. wilshirejohn1 says:

    @baf236 Douglas Marland WAS “As the World Turns”. He saved it and probably wrote the best story lines in the history of daytime television. CHRIS GOUTMAN RUINED ATWT

  10. publicitypunk says:

    GREG MAY of Orlando, FL says: “My mother, RUTH MAY never missed an episode of ATWT. She got hooked from the very beginning in 1956 while awaiting my debut in the world. Daddy bought her a 20″ Motorola TV which we had for years after we moved to Florida. The opening of ATWT was a staple in the May household every weekday at 1:30PM EST. In 1977 EILEEN FULTON brought her cabaret act to Orlando and I got my parents tickets to go see their beloved ‘Lisa’.

  11. jmjfanss says:


    Your dead wrong.

  12. baf236 says:

    doug marland ruined ATWT

  13. Locklyn30 says:

    The Secret Storm, The Guiding light, The Love of Life, Search for Tomorrow and of course, As the World Turns–the theme songs happily remind me of grade school, the early 60s, my childhood home, and with great warmth–my mother and her love and loyalty to all of these programs. Thank you for the upload!

  14. TimsDale4ever says:

    Dear God, when I always heard that one piano note I knew it was time for THE SOAP!!! Although not bad in their own right (and especially when compared to today) I would sometimes briefly glance at LOVE OF LIFE, YOUNG & RESTLESS, and SEARCH FOR TOMORROW, but it was ATWT that was THE SHOW! I first watched in 1978 and this was THE THEME and title they were using. God, the memories. I would literally pay to see those 3 years over again. Just magnificent!!!!

  15. Soapluvva says:

    @maxineweiss Just saw your comment regarding Charles Paul. Please check out my tribute channel to him, and to his colleague, Eddie Layton (my former organ teacher).

    Regards from NYC!


  16. soap1919jt says:

    The only thing that’s missing from this theme is the ‘do-ing’ tone from the piano, that was part of the original organ theme, and part of the orchestrated version for the first few years. This version also reminds me a bit of Barry White’s “Love Theme” from the Love Unlimited Orchestra’s “Rhapsody in White.” album. Both are in the same key of D natural Major, and have that wonderul, rolling, blooming orchestration.

  17. GayUOPXBoy10 says:

    @CosmoCosma10 Yes, and he was on “The Young and the Restless” for a while, a few years back!

  18. CosmoCosma10 says:

    @GayUOPXBoy10 duh, He Left GL Now Turned AMC

  19. east215 says:

    This is “comfort music”. I just here this I I feel like I’m 6 again. The organ version is even better.

  20. notthefather says:

    Awww. Such a nice soothing theme. And that guy’s voice is so…just amazing.

  21. jmjfanss says:


    Doug Marland Saved ATWT.

  22. GayUOPXBoy10 says:

    @jmjfanss Yes….. but I think the 1983-1985 theme of “The Guiding Light” was the most classiest! I watched “The Guiding Light” during the last few months of LuJack (Vincent Irrizary) on the show! That was late 1985! LOL!

  23. jmjfanss says:


    and the computer graphics was nice.

  24. GayUOPXBoy10 says:

    @jmjfanss Wow…. just by changing the theme? Or was it because of Steve and Betsy? LOL! Actually, it was the next theme that I remember very well from childhood! That was a great theme!

  25. jmjfanss says:


    Yes they did.

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