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Arsenio Hall interviews Vanilla Ice about MC Hammer

In this clip, Vanilla Ice is asked some difficult question by Arsenio Hall… you can see him sweat, get uncomfortable and nervous but he pulls through it because of his sparlking silver and mint green astronaut suit!
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25 Responses to “Arsenio Hall interviews Vanilla Ice about MC Hammer”

  1. chubphucka says:

    what arsenio did was flat out wrong….he should had kept his personal feelings about vanilla ice aside and talk about his music instead of getting shit stired up that has NOTHING to do with him….if hammer had a problem with ice dont you think hammer would address ice himself instead of big bad arsenio airing out dirty laundry?….i think so…..instead of being professional…..he decided to be niggerish and thats the same attitude is what got his ass off the air and still UNEMPLOYED today

  2. sandinyourshoes says:

    Did “The Ice” really talk that way, or was it just an act?

  3. Useyno says:

    It’s funny MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice beefing LoL!

  4. bigpapapapa says:

    @jdogg3000 poor Arsenio, he was super desperate at this time. Remember how painful his opening monologues were. hear a pin drop. shut up Arsenio…Arsenio who?

  5. llevelastortas says:

    pinchis negros oscuros cafeses medio morados racistas!

  6. jdogg3000 says:

    fucking nigger

  7. StiqueJade says:

    Yall see the interview where ICE said he was a puppet and he was sorry…

  8. angelabrandy says:

    What was up w/ Arsenio! He was being a real D**k head.

  9. kendre3 says:

    i think its fucked up how Arsenio came at him, he pulled a Oprah when Ludacris came on her show! just let ppl know that you gonna attack them when they are a guess o your show.

  10. 2sweet1able says:

    The Arsenal Hall Show was the SHIT!!!! But he really didnt like Vanilla Ice anyway.

  11. DubStackG says:

    Yoooooooooo Yoooooo, Look at this niggas shinny suit…he was killin tha shinny suit game way before Puff, LMAO. This nigga look like a star trek character, lmao @ Captain Ice Ice Baby. I miss Arsenio Hall, dude had the greatest late night show ever. He had lit vanilla Ice melting in his reynolds wrap suit, fomcrotflmao.

  12. DubStackG says:

    @Dianice Naw, no race riot, just a history lesson might be needed. But you’re right tho, typically people who make racial comments on these sites do tend to speak before they are educated, lmao.

  13. DubStackG says:

    @gfunkgfunk but this isn’t a white country, lmao…to tell the truth there is no such thing but the closest that you will come is on the other side of the Atlantic.

  14. TheArmoredSaint78 says:

    ROTFFLMFGDAO!!!!!!!!! Vanilla Ice bags groceries at my local supermarket.

  15. Browngerl says:

    You had to have grown up during that time to really kinda feel how Arsenio was feeling about the whole Vanilla Ice situation. A lot of people felt that he was a just a gimmick to gain credibility in the rap community. Listen, when it comes to rap, it doesn’t matter where you are from you just have to understand and respect the culture..but Vanilla Ice tried to be something he was not , and that’s one of the reasons Arsenio is kinda hostile towards him.

  16. maaudiosubs says:

    Arsenio hall is kind of a dick!

  17. miroperkele2 says:

    @Dianice I’m surprised no one has called you a communist or a fag yet…

  18. borass69ass says:

    cool hair bro

  19. Dianice says:

    @gfunkgfunk, i feel sorry for you if u honestly believe this view. You should educate your history, america isn’t a white country, its an indian country, taken over by whites and built from the backs of black slaves.

    (Now here we go, watcth the same old typical online race riot begin, )

  20. Zakkwilder1982 says:

    Seitz Hieak!!!!!!!!!

  21. physicalKinetics says:

    it’s the nineties!

  22. physicalKinetics says:

    remember 1990?

  23. gfunkgfunk says:

    His racism came out because a white man is in a black industry, now you know Arsenio how some whites feel about a black man in a white country…

  24. HusbandandWifeShow says:

    As much as I like Arsenio, I thought he was out of line with his attitude and not necessarily the questions. The manner in which the questions are asked are just as important as the questions themselves. As an interviewer, Arsenio didn’t seem objective enough. Vanilla Ice carried himself rather well under the circumstances.
    Stay safe…

  25. purpleteardrops1 says:

    I don’t think Arsenio was being racist, I think he was keeping it real. Vanilla Ice was talking about him growing up in a bad neighborhood and having struggles, when in reality he grew up in the suburbs. Arsenio had enough balls to call him out on it (especially at the time when they were both popular). Racist? How? Why don’t all you screaming “racist” tell that to the people on here using the “n” word derogatorily! Always complaining that WE always pull the race card and you guys go!

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