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Arsenio Hall interviews Vanilla Ice about MC Hammer

In this clip, Vanilla Ice is asked some challenging question by Arsenio Hall… you can see him sweat, get uncomfortable and nervous but he pulls by means of it due to the fact of his sparlking silver and mint green astronaut suit!

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25 Responses to “Arsenio Hall interviews Vanilla Ice about MC Hammer”

  1. Decembuur says:

    This is so funny winkle acting black arsenio acting white

  2. notohous says:

    How much after this interview did the Hammer, Ice and Hall not become relevant weird hall all fell off?

  3. ThePopeOfTrash says:

    wow, this is the time I’ve found someone with the word “arse” in their name

  4. ThegodisAbraxas says:

    These guys were class man. No one keeps it about real shit anymore.

  5. ricotinez says:

    @farronx Nope, no one is stopping me from playing music, although attitudes like yours have probably stopped a lot of people. Gospel, Soul, Jazz, R&B, and hip hop are all genres that use the same 12 note scale and intervals that Bach presented. He did them before all the genres you mentioned, but that doesn’t make him “OWN” any of it. Music is owned by the listener. It’s not owned by any race.

  6. DrummermanMatt says:

    For those of you surprised about Arsenio’s attitude, he was known very much for being controversial back then. Plus it was an outrage to many rappers to see a white guy in it, they immediately saw it as posing. As for Vanilla Ice, much respect to him for having to brave the years of his career because back then it might as well have been illegal to be a white rapper. These days it’s accepted, back then it was very controversial, socially-speaking.

  7. djdiktator says:

    Arsenio Hall is an asshole.

  8. PumaSweat says:

    This makes me loose some points for Arsenio.
    You don’t bring somebody on your show and ride them all hard.
    So in retrospect he looks like a retard. That don’t change that he was hot for a minute.
    And all the people bagging on him now was at they high school dance in 1991 shaking it to that mess. Stop fronting.

  9. ikdusVictor90 says:

    Vanilla Ice vs MC Hammer; looks like the paralympics. Wich retard is going to take the gold?

  10. Nexlevelbassin says:

    You can tell Arsenio is straight hatin on the the guy cuz he s white. Fuck Hall look where is now?? Never here about him. Unfortunately can say the same about Ice, Nice space suit haha

  11. WhatTheFucckk says:

    YO! It’s the green machine Gonna rock the town without bein’ seen
    Have you ever seen a turtle Get Down? Slammin Jammin to the new swing sound Yeah, everybody let’s move Vanilla is here with the new Jack Groove
    Gonna rock, and roll this place With the power of the ninja turtle bass …

    Ninja, Ninja, RAP! Ninja, Ninja, RAP!
    GO GO GO
    Go Ninja, Go Ninja, GO; Go Ninja, Go ninja, GO!
    Go Ninja, Go Ninja. GO; Go Ninja, Go ninja, GO!

  12. Tweety1985love says:

    @FatBabyCheeks LMAOO

  13. luckylaurus says:

    @thomasdalebaird: he lost his show because Farrakhan appeared on it

  14. bluffiethebear says:

    @TheCulazo i agree 100%

  15. bluffiethebear says:


  16. TheCulazo says:

    A R S E nio hall is one stupid ass mofo. I think he is racist, just saying…

  17. pontus227 says:

    fuck vannilla ice if it wouldnt be for him hip hop would still be good 3rd bass dissed the shit autta him

  18. thomasdalebaird says:

    no wonder he lost his show lowest ratings ever

  19. ChervroletKing says:

    sick, sick get em’ (arsenio waz like a pitbull)

  20. everyDUDElikesPUSSY says:

    Haha if i was ice, i woulda stole his ass when he said that about flava and him, LOL, saying he wants a back supporter.

  21. 432F01 says:

    What a shitheel.

  22. MrsD7777 says:

    OOOOOH!!! Everyone is Jealous of Vanilla Ice, Broke King of Celebrity Rehab! ROTFL!!!
    Vanilla Ice was smoking “ICE”!

  23. Esco9977fly says:

    IF YOU DIDN”T KNOW ARSENIO WAS RACIST< YA DO NOW!!! VANILLA ICE WAS LIKED BY MOST POP FANS WHEN HE DROPPED, that was his only fault, if thats a fault…. he shoulda punched arsenio in the mouth then he would still sell records

  24. gmcgirltx says:


    My thoughts exactly

  25. guitar19904 says:

    wow arsenio is a fucking douche

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