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Arsenio goes off on Queer Nation

Arsenio is irritated and annoyed when members of the gay rights organization, “Queer Nation” decided to interrupt Arsenio as he was about to introduce his guest Paul Hogan. Arsenio was ticked off at their protest and decided to respond.

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25 Responses to “Arsenio goes off on Queer Nation”

  1. MySugarWallz says:

    very scripted vibe.

  2. 123nme1 says:

    @123nme1 Lol ! Sorry… just used to people being mean on these forums…but no, I said something different but same subject. God Bless !

  3. roflmaoking says:

    @123nme1 rawr. down kitty. i was just askin a question.

  4. bootsybrown says:

    that was funny

  5. 123nme1 says:

    @roflmaoking OMG ! Are you the Comment Police ? Why does this concern YOU?

  6. roflmaoking says:

    @123nme1 someone made that same comment a long time ago… was it you?

  7. 123nme1 says:

    Who thinks it’s sexy the way Arsenio moves when he says “let’s move on” ?

  8. grandizer74 says:

    the weird thing about this clip is when one of the queer nation isn’t talking, he’s clapping along with everyone else in the audience agreeing with arsenio

  9. DetroitLives313 says:

    You go Arsenio!!!!!! I miss his show.

  10. cracklingvoice says:

    I forgot how much of a raging badass Arsenio Hall was back in the day … can we get him a show and just let him do his thing again? It would be a breath of fresh air …

  11. th3azscorpio says:

    I miss the days when people kept if real on t.v…

  12. woody5551 says:

    You is black nigga. Yes you is. Fo Sho!

  13. WhatTheFlyinFudge says:

    Dat nigga heated..

  14. SylletBang says:

    @BEEGER1 in that time, not everyone run for every problem to the security guys. i think he prob wanted to kick their asses lol.

  15. blaztradiouz666 says:


  16. blaztradiouz666 says:


  17. AnnaNickiBarb says:

    lmao @ 4:16 !

  18. pagalley1 says:

    Arsenio got really upset…This is the first time I’ve seen Arsenio react this way to anyone…I like how Arsenio stood up for himself…This doesn’t look like it was staged, but if it was, it was very convincing…I think Arsenio would be brilliant at hosting The Tonight Show…George Lopez offered him the job of being his permanent guest host on Lopez Tonight, but it looks like he turned down the offer…Arsenio went of for way too long with these guys…I wonder why.

  19. deanobrown says:

    This was definetly staged and if there’s anyone out there that don’t know, ARSENIO HALL IS OPENLY GAY!!!

  20. NorthsideBill says:

    @King31395 All of the publicity happened in the 2 weeks leading up to the interview. He got more attention in those two weeks than almost any other time, both positive from people that were in favor of the guest and negative from other people who were against it. It was a genius move, really…

  21. King31395 says:

    Yea, I know what you’re saying – but I remember seeing this episode back when it originally aired, and not much publicity followed about it at all.
    But yes, it does seem a little strange and like this was “put on” on purpose for so long without interruption for a late night show.

  22. NorthsideBill says:

    @King31395 Publicity. Bottom line, he got more publicity for this incident and more support from the public than for almost anything else he did during the whole run of his show

  23. King31395 says:

    Where was his security???
    How come no one there dragged those dudes the hell out of there?? Wow! Arsenio was on his own!!

  24. SharksRule86 says:

    Between 1:42 and 2:15 when he takes his glasses off, he looks like and sounds a lot like Wesley

    Damn, I wish Arsenio was still on the air.

  25. BEEGER1 says:

    I remember seeing this back in the day and thinking it was staged. If Arsenio really had a problem with these guys, he could’ve stopped the taping and very easily had security throw them out.

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