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Ark II Opening Credits & Bumper

The opening credits and bumper for this 1976 science fiction post apocalyptic Saturday morning series starring Terry Lester, Jean Marie Hon, and Jose Flores. Ark II was released on DVD on November 7, 2006. For more info on this show and other Saturday morning shows, check out:
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25 Responses to “Ark II Opening Credits & Bumper”

  1. nosajj12345 says:

    Now that I think about it, it seemed like every kid back in the 70′s, including myself, didn’t take one step outside until all the Saturday morning kid shows were over. If I recall, this was one of the last to air before noon. We may have lacked the cool toys and video games kids have today, but we had the better Saturday morning shows. LOL

  2. 76sagi says:

    every show had to have a chimp.

  3. Scopie33 says:

    My God I remember watching this from the 70′s as a kid but could never remember it’s name and after all this time only now found it here. Thanks so much!

  4. smerd70 says:

    @tommyp888 The Ark II was built specifically for Filmation Studios. It was built on a dump truck chassis- later it was modified and used as the Seeker for Space Academy- It was built by The Brubacker Group. The Landmaster from Damnation Alley was designed by Dean Jeffries(Jeffries Automotive) Neither vehicle was a 727 with wings removed, and the Landmaster is silver with “tri-star wheels”(so it has 12 wheels in all)

  5. Acrocanthosaurus says:

    I remember this show. I think it was on Saturday mornings for like half a year.

  6. donmccullen says:

    @lavvy2585 Lou Scheimer one of the two heads of Filmation.

  7. qualifiedtowotk says:

    @terminator123abc1 Skynet!? Hey, aint that a different movie? :-) .

  8. qualifiedtowotk says:

    @terminator123abc1Skynet?! Hey, aint that a different movie. :-)

  9. qualifiedtowotk says:

    @Attila709 No, they don’t have jet packs, but they’re using the hell out of those cell phones.

  10. mjkobb says:

    Why did there have to be a chimp?

  11. thatcher81 says:

    @tommyp888 You are wrong. The ARK II is built on the platform of a garbage truck. Look it up on Wikipedia.

  12. terminator123abc1 says:

    Where the hell is skynet?

  13. lavvy2585 says:

    that narrator sure stayed busy can anyone tell me who he was?

  14. KEM451 says:

    @tommyp888 They are two different vehicles. The one from “Damnation Alley” had sets of three wheels set up like a triangle so they could ride over rocks and stuff.

  15. zilch77 says:

    @patsaxon I’m with you patsaxon.

  16. MarcoFelix731 says:

    My God! That was one of the stupidest shows ever made in the history of television! I hated it when i was a kid!!!

  17. qualifiedtowotk says:

    Wow! Its funny what the we percieved as an advanced computer looked like back in the 70s. You know, with the big tape reels, see 0:35. That was a primitive computer. Nothing like the computers of today that don’t have anything big like that on them our perception is nothing like that anymore. Nice show thow. Brings back memories of my youth watching Saturday morning kid shows eating my Frosted Flakes.:-))

  18. IntroSpetful says:

    Thanks for posting!!
    A friend told me about this and I couldn’t believe I didn’t catch it back in the day…then I remembered what I was up to in 1976—it’s a wonder I can recall that year at all, let alone specifics!

  19. patsaxon says:

    Hey, this was a great Saturday morning show as I used to watch it all the time! Boy do I feel old!

  20. MadameLil says:

    I thought Terry Lester reminded me more of the superhero Green Arrow. May Terry RIP.

  21. Attila709 says:

    Same here. I remember seeing a program many years ago that said one day kids would travel to school using jet packs. I wonder how advanced they’ve come since the 70s.

  22. ptboat67 says:

    @delidude1999 What’s your source for the suicide statement? All reports state multiple heart attacks.

  23. blazak says:

    I really thought by 2000 we’d all have those jet packs. Loved this show.

  24. BenFost18 says:

    O my god thier,s my dad. I swear my dad played as samual. sadly he had to change his name from jose flores to John Fost due to family dispute. His step fater treated him badly so my dad changed his last name florse to fost and that made him convince himself to change his first name to match his last name which was john. John, Jose, not a BIG diffrence. btw if you have any more questons about my dad AKA Samual just ask

  25. delidude1999 says:

    OMG terry lester the first jack on Y& R — he committed suicide

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