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Are You Being Served Clip

Clip from the classic british sitcom “Are You Becoming Served?”
Video Rating: four / five

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25 Responses to “Are You Being Served Clip”

  1. MrSmiffy07 says:

    I love miss Belfridge, I totally agree with you.

  2. skicraze112 says:

    @madanny season 10 episode 3

  3. plcj80 says:

    Miss Wendy is HOTT.

  4. FLICKOFF1000 says:

    why isnt there full episodes? there used to be before. I watch quite a few of them, the one Im mostly interested in is were they make their own advertising commercial, it was fricken hilariuos! if anyone has that , that would make my day.

  5. evxdaddy says:

    I remember watching this back in the early mid 90′s before going to bed. My friends never heard of this show I was in 3 or 4th grade. This is a great show.

  6. SoccerRockNY says:

    Miss Belfridge is one of those rare women who look awesome even in a loose long hanging rain coat :) Lucky Rumbold, haha

  7. donnatuckwell says:

    none of these vids are full episodes. i’m getting sick of this does anyone have a complete episode of aybs?

  8. pspboy7 says:

    Miss Belfridge was very… ahem, yeah! :)

  9. morgansifer82 says:

    This was the last series in 1985, by this time Mr Mash and Mr Lucas had left.

  10. Electrocity99 says:

    I’m confused what version is this
    I mean where’s mr Lucas and mr grainger and mr mash
    Do changes come up in middle of the seasons?
    Can someone please explain I don’t care I there are spoilers!!!

  11. hoochis says:

    @nataliella1 :’(

  12. nataliella1 says:

    @hoochis *sniffle sniffle*

  13. hoochis says:

    R.I.P. MR. Humphries

  14. Shiroyuuki1 says:

    RIP Mollie Sudgen, Wendy Richards
    they were one hell of a comedy duo!!
    LOVE ‘EM!!

  15. younghoss says:

    Maybe I am one of the typical men Mrs. Slocome was talking about, but I think Candy Davis is HOT HOT HOT!

  16. jestanotherguy says:

    R.I.P mollie sugden she now joins mr humphries and miss brahms in heaven trying to sell Gabriel some platinum shoes and gold wings(w)

  17. martinimerlin says:

    R.I.P. Miss Wendy.

  18. etraig says:

    I believe this was the second to last episode.
    My favorite part was when Mrs. slocome said “come down and see me sometime” and the thief said “you mean come up and see you” and she said “no, I live in the basment”. (not in this clip) other than that, the show had run its course by this time.
    But it’s still one of my favorite “brit-coms”

  19. brkff says:

    I like to feel sexy….knowing someone is watching me ..wanting me…turns me on!BADLY! I like to flirt and pose..and sometimes i like to get WILD! how? ..he he..come in video and youll see:-)) maybe u can teach me something..or maybe i will ! come visit me at MeetYourFling (.COM) my user-id there is babs-phdo chat soon on cam :-) owsnzr

  20. MrConservativeGuy says:

    Miss Brahms was quite sexy, even if her voice resembled that of a fishwife!

  21. classictellyfan says:

    love this show.

  22. hotwok19 says:

    I should like to say SlowDance17 that i am not so unkind as to try to condemn Wendy Richard. ORANGES99 called her “just plain embarassing”, which is too harsh. However, i think it is fair to say she was not a natural actress, & her cockney accent does not help one bit either. Yes, her acting did improve in Eastenders a bit, but not a big bit.

  23. SlowDance17 says:

    I think she was lovely. The whole idea for the character of Ms. Brahams was just to be pretty and not do a lot.
    She wasn’t supposed to be the main character, so I don’t think it matters if she never played an important part.
    And I disagree, she did improve a bit in East Enders.

  24. morgansifer82 says:

    I believe this was the last series when a lot of the sparkle had gone. The earlier series were much sharper.

  25. hotwok19 says:

    Wendy Richard,[unlike Candy Davis],did not even make for good set decoration either. Her acting never improved much when she was cast as Pauline Fowler in Eastenders, by the way.

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