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Archie Bunker on Gun Control

Archie Bunker on Gun Control
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25 Responses to “Archie Bunker on Gun Control”

  1. cfrait1968 says:

    @whatevr192 That’s a good question. Liberals have nothing but hatred for America and everytime they speak about it, they have only curses and vituperation. So why don’t they leave? The answer is because the rest of the world won’t tolerate them. The rest of the world sees them as fools and useful idiots in knocking down America but they would only be a drain on their own countries’ resources and have nothing good or useful to contribute so they dont want them either….

  2. jnichols3 says:

    OMG it actually made sense. To bad we can not go back in time to 2001 and arm all the passengers of those four airliners.

  3. Xantheus07 says:

    @dfgyuhdd Just because people are Christians does not make them Conservative. Being a conservative MEANS you conserve the the ideas this country was founded on. Namely the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution. Just like the Democrat Christians of today who have signs like “God hates fags” there were Christians in them days who thought that God made everyone equal expect non whites. They had signs like “Whites Only” and “No Coloreds allowed” the difference was the demcraps made laws

  4. dfgyuhdd says:

    When Archie Bunker was a boy the gun control was the work of conservative southern governors who cringed at the thought of black people with 2nd Amendment rights.

  5. brendanmcwilliams says:


    This was about skyjacking, not terrorism. They used to have Skymarshals that did carry guns. The idea was you would have to go through him before you could gain access to the pilot.

    Also, pilots carried guns at one time.

    To be fair, even if they shot up the whole plane, killing every passenger, they could never have gotten control of the plane and killed another 3,000 people. Just saying.

  6. gunterdak says:

    Two things.
    2. The people who actually wrote Archie’s lines (as a JOKE) would probably be shocked to learn that there are actually people who think that it is a good idea for everyone on an airplane to be given a gun.

    Gun rights are one thing but y’all are off the fuckin’ deep end

  7. DemonratarianPatriot says:

    31 anti-gun scums go to namby pamby land.

  8. tjar12 says:

    Archie was the best

  9. idlertire says:

    The problem is terrorist do not care if they live or die.causing a shootout in a airplane will still end up with a lot of people dead.this is not a good idea.

  10. Upcamehill says:

    Now after all these years we have found that ARCHIE WAS RIGHT!

  11. Double07Commander says:

    If all good american citizens carry guns, crime will drop and all the mexican cartels will leave the country.

  12. LastNetwork2 says:

    Was this Before or After Johnny Carson came up with “Floyd R. Turbo”?

  13. qwertasdcfghjklmo24z says:

    @whatevr192 Liberal England is Hell on Earth for me and I live in England!

  14. ATamandua says:

    @scalp340 Scalp340, remember that poster from the 70s that had Archie smoking a big cigar sitting on his easy chair, with the caption: “Archie Bunker. In your heart you know he’s right.”

  15. scalp340 says:

    they laugh, (canned of course) but he is couldn’t be more right on everything he said during the whole 1:32 of the video.

  16. westeh says:

    @talochIV I am in favour of guns as well …. Single shot bolt action rifles and double barrell shotguns …. not semi’s pistol or rifle that was my main point

  17. talochIV says:

    @westeh I’m with you, Bro. I am ONE HUNDRED AND TEN PER CENT in favor of “gun control”, which, of course, means HITTING YOUR TARGET!

  18. talochIV says:


  19. talochIV says:

    @SovereignStatesman You;re right in that this was the intent. The thing is that it never worked. I remember how my friends and I used to laugh about this show, every morning after it aired. Despite Lears’ worst efforts (a Jew who was too stupid to realize what friends he had in us right wing, God fearing “Archies”) Mr. Bunker always came off as he hero and Meathead the head up the ass loser. True in ’72, true now.

  20. talochIV says:

    @StiffyBoy56 Articulate dude! And obviously flaming queer for Archie!

  21. talochIV says:

    @seemrchrister Oh, no. Sorry, but you’re mistaken. there are PLENTY of guns in France. The trouble is that none of them works because they’ve all been DROPPED!

  22. DeadmensFingersJr says:

    The character did manage to escape his creator.

  23. keefers1972 says:

    Guns have only two enemies: rust and Democrats.

  24. StiffyBoy56 says:

    @feoinfunroe OMG youre an idiot.

  25. StiffyBoy56 says:

    Sounds like a typical NRA knucklehead. I’m not anti-gun but I am anti-idiot and most of these NRA assholes are dense as a rock from the bottom all the way to that LaPierre or whatever the fuck his name is.

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