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Archie Bunker on Democrats

Archie Bunker on Democrats
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  1. JamalDOA says:

    @FavreianVengeance Other than inflation and the hostage crisis, what did Carter do that was so bad?

  2. FavreianVengeance says:

    This is the best rant Hollywood could come up with back in the day? They couldn’t do a real rant b/c it churned their stomachs to say anything really bad about their hero democrats. I mean think about it – There hasn’t been a president that f’d up the country more than Carter and that is the best they could come up with? – Weak Sauce.

  3. fleckx says:

    It’s about politicians, not Democrats. Democrats, Republicans, all the same. Republicans did nothing to stop the economy from crashing. They did nothing to stop America from going into massive debt. Reagan and Bush accrued the largest debts for America during their presidencies.

  4. aviationwingnut says:

    How VERY prophetic. If only I were smart enough at age 8 or so when this aired to understand it. It’s happened today and on a grand scale.

  5. baddogonline says:

    @drakeTM1 LOL, so true; funniest commet I’ve read on youtube, ever! :)

  6. Chuck3791 says:


  7. drakeTM1 says:

    Cartman in 50 years

  8. animeandgamefan says:

    i laughed so hard once more 8)

  9. mygaffer says:

    @alwaysopen “This is mere words on an idiot comment section.” You’ve hit that one square on the head. It is funny that you try and denigrate your own arguments, which is exactly what they are and you could do NO better in any other forum, yet you’ve wasted how much of your life posting comment, after comment, after comment? The first couple pages are nearly all your comments. I don’t know if your daddy didn’t hug you enough or if mommy didn’t love you, but keep your mental distress to yourself.

  10. EvilSlyGuy says:

    Sorry, but “funny” is a very very relative term..

  11. EvilSlyGuy says:

    CNN is JUST as biased as Fox, let’s not pretend only one channel out there is biased this way.. they ALL are..

  12. EvilSlyGuy says:

    The thing that thinks all liberals are the smartest beings on planet earth is back! Let’s hear him insult all those who oppose it and it’s beliefs.

  13. priorzola says:

    @59thElement If you were a true academic, you might want to do actual research. The fact is that the states that wind up on the bottom of education results tend to be conservative states. And the people in America who tend to receive graduate degrees and beyond are overwhelmingly liberal. You have an agenda to use talking points to support your claims instead of solid research into these unfortunate facts because supporting your positions (like FOX NEWS’ principle) is more important than facts.

  14. priorzola says:

    @59thElement would those be the same Business students who went on to wreck the entire world economy. Upholding the example of those that are best suited for the current American Business model at being geniuses is laughable considering how much they have failed the world market (unless impoverishing the world for their personal benefit was the idea all along and if so, they are brilliant). And the majority of scientists happen to be ATHEISTS and not at all aligned with the anti-science neocons.

  15. priorzola says:

    @59thElement well considering that as a CONSERVATIVE, Romney basically invented what fake conservatives now call OBAMACARE you could claim that some of the best liberal ideas do come from the smartest Americans. Still, in action, the GOP talking points don’t reveal themselves as desirable when they are actually put into action. AGAIN, the GOP need to keep their voters willfully ignorant so they don’t realize how poor and dumb they are compared to the rest of the country.

  16. priorzola says:

    @59thElement spewing out talking points that aren’t statistically supported by FACTS is what makes you WILLFULLY IGNORANT and what makes for the perfect Republican. Sorry, if you were a true intellect, you’d know that stated led primarily by GOP leaders are the poorest, least educated, most obese, most incarcerated, least insured, and most reliant on federal funds paid for by others outside their states than any other states in the union. Not even God is going to salvage you from those failings.

  17. priorzola says:

    @59thElement sorry bit the RED STATES who advocate such things have the highest level of incarceration (so much for individual choice), the highest rates of divorce (so much for traditional nuclear families), low tax rates because of high rates of poverty (which reduces the amount of money the actual military has to spend but make joining the military more of an economic necessity than a patriotic notion) and take more from the federal coffers than they contribute (so much for a SMALL govt).

  18. priorzola says:

    @59thElement Actually there are others, including the Pew Institute done during the initial invasion of Iraq. If you were a really disciplined academic you would need to constantly rely on talking points from Fox News to prove a point. Sorry but the University of Maryland study was but ONE. There are several other studies that your Fox News comrades never got around to disputing. All I need is to watch Fox’s dismal coverage of the Egyptian uprising to prove that Fox has a NARRATIVE not facts.

  19. priorzola says:

    @59thElement the irony is that this isn’t the FIRST study (nor the last) to prove that Fox News is the worst at informing their audience. Hell, their dismal reporting on Egypt (because it doesn’t follow their narrative) is just further proof that they are out of their league when it comes to reporting the News. And since NEWS is not their forte, it means that FOX NEWS is simply the LEAST viewed of the ENTERTAINMENT Fox channels. I recommend you stop feeding me FOX TALKING POINTS.

  20. priorzola says:

    @matrix49A Sorry but the highest rates of incarceration, violent crime, and drug use happens in RED STATES> So much for the attentive conservative father. He’s more likely to be in JAIL than anyone.

  21. priorzola says:

    @alwaysopen well you’re right. The same INTELLECTUAL GIANTS that walk out of America’s big name colleges where the same ones who walked onto Right Wing think tanks to conjure up all the failed neocon domestic and foreign policies over the last 30 years. Being college educated ain’t what it’s cracked up to be. But being STUPID makes you more likely to think that those policies are at all useful even after they’ve been tried and completely failed. Thanks for proving that point.

  22. priorzola says:

    @alwaysopen Sorry but REAL COMEDIANS get away with stuff because they are FUNNY. Rush is not a satirists or a comedian. If so, he should have honed his skills in front of an actual audience. He refuses to even discuss issues one on one with others let alone submit his blowhard spewings to a whole live audience. When he did, during his dismal network TV show, his straight edge Mormon looking audience could hardly show the slightest bit of bemusement. Thanks for the false equivalency all the same.

  23. WhiteflowerKonan says:

    So many “smart” people seem to like to waste their time over fights on youtube…

  24. Hewhosmokeswomen says:


    Well said, my friend. If I was a student at your university i would definitely enroll in a class of yours. The professors of my college are very liberal. I wouldn’t mind it so much but every now and then they will try to influence my fellow students, many of which are very impressionable. They speak as if what they are saying is the absolute truth, and many times when I bring in a counter argument i’ve chastised or had my argument dismissed.

  25. alwaysopen says:

    Google ‘Reaganomics: What We Learned’, please.

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