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Archie Bunker on Democrats

Archie Bunker on Democrats
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25 Responses to “Archie Bunker on Democrats”

  1. ExtremePeppers says:

    @leirgauk Really?. I will be more than happy to have my name on a Jericho 3 heading towards Iran. I have about $75,000 to blow.

  2. EvilSlyGuy says:

    @leirgauk Take your hate to another channel and stay in europe. 50%.. what a lie.

  3. 90038jhon says:

    this whole show was a parody of conservatism. Archie is low income, has black neighbors, with an unmarried daughter living with her boyfriend upstairs. that’s the irony. most”conservatives” have the exact things going on under their own roofs that they claim to hate.

  4. leirgauk says:

    @EvilSlyGuy 50% of your tax money goes directly to fund Israel. If you pay taxes, you’re a part of it.

  5. finnemccool says:

    @wmosco No, Bunker was supposed to be a Middle Class East Coast conservative bigot. Carrol grew up in Queens, NY, just were the character Archie Bunker would live in the show. And Bunker types were typical through the 50s, 60s and 70s. He knew the type well, and played it to the hilt. My father used to love this show, mainly because he was just like Archie Bunker, only he came from Washington, DC.

  6. EvilSlyGuy says:

    @leirgauk Stop speaking for all Americans and grow up.

  7. leirgauk says:

    @JamesiaInc I’m interested to know: What are your justifications for scattering and slaughtering an entire nation? Holocaust? You can’t repair holocaust with another holocaust, you dimwit. Before the occupation, there was peace and harmony down there! Jews didn’t go around saying “It’s been more than a thousand years and now we want my land back!”. But, fearing another pan-Islamic empire, Britain had to gain military influence in one of their Middle Eastern countries – hence Israel.

  8. leirgauk says:

    @JamesiaInc If you knew your history, you would know that the US has been following Britains agenda ever since that great illusion of an independence. Why do you think America hates France, even though they were the ones who tried to liberate you? Your independence was staged and you’ve never had a democracy.

    As for Israel, every American are pro-funding because you’re all brainwashed. The rest of the world hates Israel and the UK and US for supporting it. What you’re doing there is PURE EVIL!

  9. leirgauk says:

    @BrutalTruthGuy As a Palestinian, I’m sure you know that Israel needs no help – they are one of the worlds most powerful military nations. And yes, they, along with the British and the Americans, are pure evil.

  10. BrutalTruthGuy says:

    @JamesiaInc you defend isreal?? more like fund them. all you do is throw money at them, but when it comes time to actually help them in war you say “oh, sorry too busy in iraq, maybe next time” and btw they have been fucking with the Palestinians (like me) for decades, bombing (bombs supplied by you) their land and claiming what evers left as their precious promise land. and what do you have to say about that? nothing. so don’t fucking tell me you have good ideas

  11. BrutalTruthGuy says:

    @socalsifu I’m sorry, scince the 60s, how often have there been liberals in government? compared to republicans?

  12. MageIanBorthwick says:

    Archie Bunker was a Republican, but Carroll O’Conner was a definite Democrat…one of the funniest things all the people who watched Archie all those years enjoyed. Being such a liberal gave him a better than 20/20 view of the opposite side.

  13. eaglemike1515 says:

    @CoachCaputa yeah man we cant even enjoy comedy without the idiots taking over the comments

  14. ednixon says:

    Ah, HERE’S where Michael Savage got his schtick!

  15. 007ObiWan says:

    When the show aired, probably more viewers agreed with Archie than the meathead.

  16. socalsifu says:

    It’s funny how the Democrats have been trying to screw this country of for years.
    Even back in the 60′s they have been saying the same old crap. Ha…Ha…Ha…
    Now look where they put us……You like what you see liberals or do you want to keep going till we re-name America as United States of China.

  17. JamesiaInc says:

    @leirgauk Well, you called Americans stupid, yet we not only beat England, we have managed to keep ourselves independent. Norway, on the other hand, had pretty much been ruled by a different country since it’s founding.

    Oh, and btw, we defend Israel because it was our idea to give the Jewish people a place to call their own after the Holocaust, not because England commands us to.

  18. wmosco says:

    the creation of archie bunker came from norman lear, a liberal. the evolution of the character is credited to carol oconner, a liberal. lear wanted the character to be hateful, oconner refused, he wanted the character to be ignorant. either way, they both conspired to misrespresent conservatives. archie bunker is not a typical conservative. racist of that day were old white southern democrats. read your history books.

  19. jpeditor says:

    @leirgauk “Btw, it’s nice to see that´╗┐ you’re proud of the fact that 50% of all your US tax dollars goes directly to fund Israel because England commands you to. ” you’re a freaking moron. THE CHINESE OWN MOST OF OUR DEBT, jackass.

  20. CoachCaputa says:

    Man, are you guys dull! Shut the hell up.

  21. leirgauk says:

    @JamesiaInc Wtf are you talking about? What does liberty have to do with what I said?

    Btw, it’s nice to see that you’re proud of the fact that 50% of all your US tax dollars goes directly to fund Israel because England commands you to. Talk about liberty…

  22. JamesiaInc says:

    @leirgauk Ohhhhh boy, look what we have here. Another stupid, lazy, tree-hugging queer. Need I remind you, good sir, of the good ol’ days of Norway-Denmark? Or how about Norway-Sweden? Or French-controlled Norway? I guess, to Norwegians, liberty must be pretty primitive too, eh?

  23. TNovaccaine says:

    Archie was right, he knew what the hell he was talkin about

  24. TheTrollKing123 says:

    republicans got raped down their throats when they were little kids.

  25. champton321 says:

    @leirgauk Probably not dead-on, but not too far from the truth I would reckon.

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