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Archie and Janine takeover the Vic part 1 – EastEnders – BBC

Part one of two. Peggy puts on a brave face for the Christmas Eve party as Janine and Archie wait in the wings to take over the Vic. But its not all doom and gloom as one lucky punter wins the keys to a Mercedes in the raffle. Another great clip from a festive edition of the award-winning BBC soap. Click beneath the video to view in high quality and visit for all the latest news, sneak peeks and behind the scenes gossip.

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25 Responses to “Archie and Janine takeover the Vic part 1 – EastEnders – BBC”

  1. MsNomiss says:

    i heard fuck at seven seconds in.

  2. supergirl603 says:

    lol love this flim<3

  3. MsMulhern says:

    yeah i cried when they left.

    “im going to scratch their bloody eyes out”

    “we’re a family, and families stick together”


    @RobinD06 she said flock

  5. c0nram says:

    @RobinD06 She says “flock around you and Heather like that”, I think anyway.

  6. saffibaffi says:

    big sweaty juicy fanny lips,,big hairy spotty balls, big juicy fat fucking nipples

  7. xenojobeia says:

    um she says flock not fuck

  8. TeamHeavySuck says:

    Hahaha! 0:07 Libby says fuck!

  9. GodivaMiyagi says:

    I agree I heard f*ck around to :3 !! lol

  10. wehatemacs says:

    If the BBC is payed for using tv licence payers money, why are there adverts on their videos? surely there should only be adverts for overseas visitors.

  11. mayogurl09 says:


  12. Drwhodunnit1973 says:


    No I’m not, but I think the information is wrong. Like I said, I heard it from another You Tube user called mustangsdiehard1fan who turns out to be a bit of a wanker.

  13. TheErd72 says:

    @Drwhodunnit1973 Please tell me your not lying.

  14. Drwhodunnit1973 says:


    Perhaps not. The “information” came from You Tube user “mustangsdiehard1fan” who, I think, was just trolling. He’s now blocked me from his account so I think he knows I’m onto him.

  15. englishandproud90 says:

    @newbegining009 seriously? what the fuck is wrong with you

  16. MegaPunjabi4life says:

    poor bradders

  17. rachelxxa2a says:

    @Drwhodunnit1973 reallly???

  18. LitaWWF says:

    i’m so sick of peggy and her bragging about “FAARMILLYY”, “WE’RE THE MITCHELL’S” blah blah blah. Yes peggy, u loved ur family so much that u and ur 3 kids treated billy mitchell (one of ur own, a “MITCHELL”) like shit then walked out on them all when ur precious pub burned down. so much for “WE’RE MITCHELLS, WE’RE FAAAARMILLLY AND WE ALL STICK TOGEVA”. hypocrite.

  19. Joaqphoenixlver says:

    she said flock around lol

  20. maughangal says:

    i love peggy miss her hope she comes back loves you paggy

  21. Drwhodunnit1973 says:

    Can’t believe they’re going to cancel this show after so many years. Bloody BBC!!!

  22. Q3Lithium says:

    @RobinD06 says ‘flock around’

  23. AimeeBekkaNeate says:

    @RobinD06 lmao she said Flock around as in flock around the baby darren and heather but that would have been really funny :P

  24. applesugar09 says:

    @RobinD06 i think she said flock?

  25. greenstreetelite456 says:

    @ElectrexOnline lol he doesnt even look like hes in relapse!! Wonder if burning down a pub can cure Alzheimers?

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