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April fool – Red Dwarf – BBC comedy

Holly is bored so he decides to play an April fool’s trick on the crew! Norweb are coming for Lister to collect on his three million year old unpaid electricity bill. Classic comedy clip from the BBC ‘s Red Dwarf.

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25 Responses to “April fool – Red Dwarf – BBC comedy”

  1. animesquirt says:

    April Fool :>|

  2. MaagicAndTechnology says:

    Lister: One, Hunderd and Eighty billion pounds? :O Your kidding.
    Holly: April Fool.


  3. ben6993 says:

    (From wikipedia) Craig Charles confirmed that two new series were being produced, and that filming begins in November 2011. On 21 January 2011 it was confirmed that a new series will be filmed in late 2011 to be broadcast in 2012 on the digital channel Dave. However, UKTV, owners of Dave, have said that it has not been officially greenlit. Doug Naylor confirmed to fans that a new series of Red Dwarf would be aired on Dave in late 2012, with filming taking place in late 2011 and early 2012

  4. GGGriggs says:

    @jacksawild Actually, the BBC are considering making new series of Red Dwarf.

  5. RADicious says:

    ive always wondered: if holly can choose from any face, why cant he have a body as well? he has projected himself with books, glasses, ties, made himself a girl, etc.

  6. ZILOGz80VIDEOS says:

    I liked it before holly was a girl.

  7. jacksawild says:

    @johna456 New Series? What? If this is an April Fool joke I will stab you with a banjo.

  8. shadowjazzy says:

    That’s fantastic.

  9. ItsTurningGreen002 says:

    what episode?

  10. raithrover1976 says:

    Weeze of the week mate.

  11. DDay12G says:

    I love the nose glasses xD

    April fool :D

  12. spudsandguiness says:


  13. AudiBoison says:

    “busy Dave?”
    “yeah I am actually!” :D

  14. MorningMILFs says:

    Big enough logo, BBC(?)

  15. bluejeckett says:

    @weedbix Yeah it was definitely a favourite of mine, they were good at the twists u didnt see coming, I genuinely felt sad enough to be fooled into thinking Holly had got the boot for good and was so relieved when it all turned out to be bullshit lol so wierd but the first time was definitely the best

  16. bluejeckett says:

    @johna456 ….litle too close to breaking the 4th wal really, wasnt big on that aspect, in the age of constant rehashes I’d even like to see a reboot with new actors as much as I like the old ones but Im sure there’d be uproar if that happened, we’ll certainly never see the likes of Chris Barrie and Craig Charles again but I’m sure they could get approximates. Cos lets face it the current guys are getting on and Im not a believer in watching actors slowly age series after series

  17. bluejeckett says:

    @johna456 ….plot before u start another, doing endless cliffhangers that dont get resolved properly is just biting off more than u can chew and not honouring the fans who’ve stood by the show despite it’s labelling as niche or cult and to be ignored.

    I am interested to hear you’ve said there’ll be a new series though, I saw the one off special and assumed it didnt get great ratings cos I never heard anyting more after it, I think tieing in Craig’s soapie career in with Red Dwarf was a…..

  18. bluejeckett says:

    @johna456 Oh yeah Im a big Red Dwarf fan and no mistake, I have all 8 series on DVD but I think Doug and Grant never took proper care of thier baby and considering they had such a great baby I was disappointed at alot of thier handling of the affair, I mean Grant was a tosser anyway for just walking out on it but I hoped Doug would at least tie the loose ends up but instedn he goes onto make more plot arcs that now need tieing up, I wouldve thought as a proffesional scriptwriter u finish one….

  19. johna456 says:

    @bluejeckett Well i suppose everyone is entitled to there own opinion. Ive watched Red Dwarf from the start in1988 and love the program good or bad, yes there have been some ” shabby” episodes but i wouldn’t change it for nothing. and the recent back to earth episodes where ok i could name a few episodes that are a lot worse. Can’t wait for the new series next year.

  20. bluejeckett says:

    @johna456 Unfortunately Doug Naylor has a bad habit of starting plot arcs he never finishes so Red Dwarf becomes a collage of plotlines that just get abandomned which has always been shabby, we still have no explanation why and where Kochanski died or how they got out of the series 8 finale, and the one off special they made was fairly poor, Alas Red Dwarf has long had its day.

  21. McPrfctday says:

    lol (turns into Professor Robert Winston!!)

  22. Burningmace says:

    April Fools :D

  23. Golkarian says:

    @georgeowain Queeg is awesome

  24. borg1973 says:

    Why give the punch line away!?!

  25. Simon0 says:

    @ThePutasfever yeah that was a good one.

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