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Andy Griffith – What It Was, Was Football

Recorded in Raleigh, NC in 1953, this is the comedy monologue that launched the stage, film and television career of North Carolina’s favorite son, Andy Griffith. Humorously illustrated by Mad Magazine in a 1958 concern (exact same illustrations employed throughout the video), this routine is a comedy classic.
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25 Responses to “Andy Griffith – What It Was, Was Football”

  1. pandarsson says:

    Thank you so much for putting this up. My mother used to tell me about this, but I never had a chance to hear it.

  2. SatchmoSings says:

    @pgh45rpms I believe that Buddy Hackett’s “The Chinese Waiter” came out about the same time.

  3. buickmackane71360 says:

    This must have been Arlo Guthrie’s inspiration for “Alice’s Restaurant” — brilliant stuff!

  4. YvonneMichelle11 says:

    I remember this from when I was a little girl!…I have always loved this.

  5. Bubblechaser6069 says:

    I remember listening to this in 1953 and it played and played and folks nearly split their sides. This is the beginning of good comedy records.

  6. sinamon1969 says:

    good humor at its best

  7. Kailoa36 says:

    Been a long time since I heard this. Now I know who Arlo Guthrie always reminded me of. Andy the Good.

  8. mrspacecase says:

    I first heard this on the late Bob Collins show in Chicago (WGN). I’ve loved it ever since! Cheers!

  9. buckielvsmusic says:

    andy is a great storyteller if u like him try jerry clower

  10. BlackDuck67 says:

    I first heard this as a teen-ager back in the late 1950′s. It was great then as it is now.
    I am glad I found it.

  11. Greggg57 says:

    Thank you G_D for this kind of comedy in Americas history. Make it come back. Please.

  12. CustomGenerics says:

    Seems to be an edited copy of …watch?v=oNxLxTZHKM8

  13. HobbytheWise says:

    This is absolutely fantastic :p

  14. TheJer1963 says:

    They played this at Super Bowl 10. First time I ever heard it. Very funny.

  15. RoyFive says:

    @pgh45rpms …Arlo Guthrie…

  16. algerhistogram says:

    HUGE influence on Arlo Guthrie’s Alice’s Restaurant Massacre. Listen to how Andy says “friend”, and the part about the “throw one another down and I don’t know what all…”

  17. RoyFive says:

    “Potrzebie–15 cents” wonder what a Potrzebie is now!

  18. RoyFive says:

    The artist has to be George Woodbridge, late of MAD Magazine!

  19. TheLeilisa says:

    who is the tallest football?

  20. sailette01 says:

    I have my Father’s recording of this (he died in 2003 at 90)….I can still hear him laughing hysterically at this routine…..He loved “the little pumpkin” bit……Good, good humor…thanks.

  21. samiwistler says:

    Will look for more of your videos

  22. episkipos says:

    @pgh45rpms I have that 45

  23. WyattsMommy85 says:

    Grandma told us to look this up and listen to it, glad I did. :)

  24. Nocaro says:

    @pgh45rpms Thanks for the note…wasn’t aware of the “split”…Nocaro

  25. pgh45rpms says:

    When Capitol released Andy’s monologue as a single — 78 & 45 — the monologue was divided into Parts I & II. It was perhaps the first hit charting comedy routine, paving the way for many other performers like the Bickersons, Bob Newhart, Stan Freeberg, Bill Cosby, Bill Dana, etc.

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