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Andy Griffith & Don Knotts on The Right now Show

Matt Lauer interviews Don Knotts & Andy Griffith on The Right now Show March four, 1996

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25 Responses to “Andy Griffith & Don Knotts on The Right now Show”

  1. calliopegirl1976 says:

    Two amazing men…God Bless them.

  2. WSenator1 says:

    If you watched the earliest “Andy Griffith” shows, Andy Taylor was the comedian and Barney more of the straight man! I guess they realized that reversing roles made for a better show.

  3. lauramarie8 says:


    Too bad for you. You’re missing something that won’t be around anymore because of narrow-minded people like you.

  4. Strefanasha says:

    @taledarkside thanks. i did always think so but a comment on this video had me wonder otherwise. I was a child in the 1960′s and remember all these shows with nostalgia and affection

  5. taledarkside says:

    It was a movie set. If you look up andy griffith show you can find the pictures of when they were making the show.

  6. MrSteveCast says:

    @taledarkside Amen to that!

  7. firebirdhome says:

    CALL these old shows whatever this stinkin rap and Gaga generation wants to – but I know I can sit my little girl in front of these old shows and the values, humor, and lack of swearing is a safe place for her to enjoy her childhood. Of course, the kids will only watch as good as the parents do, so the blame is for the irresponsibility of parents…..

  8. Strefanasha says:

    so mayberry was a real town that was used for the series? I thought it was entirely fictional

  9. skye1212 says:

    Boy, have things changed since Mayberry.

  10. ToddSolley67 says:

    My all-time favorite tv comedy. I watch it daily. And yes Captmiloman I DO REMEMBER “Salvage 1″…I really enjoyed it (while it lasted). Andy and Don were great actors and great people as well. God bless them both.

  11. Captmiloman says:

    Anyone remember Andy’s short lived TV series Salvage 1?

  12. Captmiloman says:

    We won’t see the likes of Don Knotts again.

  13. rem2267 says:

    @unleashthecookie – Who in the living hell is going to care about comments made from a (probably 6 year old) little bastard who calls himeslf “unleash the cookie.” Sounds like something from Sesame Street. Gosh, you must have slaved for a full 40 seconds to come up with a name as juvenile (big surprise), stupid (well, obviously) and ugly (one can bet you’re certainly a mirror-cracker yourself) as that. Unleashthecookie- what a scary, big-tough-he-man you must be, you pathetic gay dick.

  14. opie1956 says:

    Hello type in “Ron Howard Palace” listen to “opie” sing “Lady” and “Reason to Believe

  15. luismets19 says:

    Thank you mr knotts R I P

  16. sluggo06 says:

    Google Hells best kept secret

  17. pnutbutrncrackers says:

    Honestly, it’s like Matt Lauer has never seen the show. Seriously asking about major crime in Mayberry?! Plus other things. Tries to play it off, but I think he’s ‘pumping sunshine’. Hard to believe from a guy who works in the television business.

  18. TheBoringProphet says:

    The host is so lame.. what a fake

  19. welltonred says:

    What a kid Matt Lauer was!

  20. AccordionProfessor says:

    Barney sure did have the best bullet maintenance. His bullet shines and shines!!

  21. vetalltheway says:

    I still watch it today when it’s on. Great show.

  22. Spikestrip55 says:

    Two fine and humble gentlemen…

  23. MrOutlawCountry says:

    @unleashthecookie you obviously are looking to arouse a reaction out of someone. You dont deserve it. But i would like to tell you that you are a disgusting human being. You are obviously a middle school age person with no life and no clue. I hope you die. And thats not a joke.

  24. unleashthecookie says:

    fuck andy and barney its a good thing ones dead and one soon will be it was the gayest peice of shit show ever made.

  25. coolmaster97 says:

    1996 this is old

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