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American Gladiators — Titan

Titan taunts a n00b, owns the n00b, then mocks the n00b. Heavily edited to cut down on a lot of the interviews.

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25 Responses to “American Gladiators — Titan”

  1. Sivels says:

    they look like twins in 2:1 ratio.

  2. sympathylay says:

    love the WTF replay LMAO

  3. MusicMan44144 says:

    @sylvainh2o i like wolf better…he is crazy as fuck!!

  4. Geylgamesh says:

    @Titan982 Yeah, I never was… because I didn’t even know they were doing a new American Gladiators. So, I didn’t know they were having try outs.

    Now on Titan being able to “destroy” me in seconds. lol I guess we’ll never know.

    And I wasn’t saying I’d beat him hands down, I was just saying I’d like to see how they’d deal with an opponent like me, where they aren’t the one with the size advantage.

    that’s all I was throwing out there. I wasn’t trying to say Titan was a push over.

  5. Titan982 says:

    @Geylgamesh but u never were… Titan will destroy you in seconds

  6. Titan982 says:

    I would like to see them fight and see how Titan will destroy Lesner!!!
    Lesner is an experience fighter but still my vote goes to Titan
    Titan should consider joining UFC

  7. 1RadicalDreamer says:


  8. 6robyc says:

    Titan a true American hero

  9. dumdum22290 says:

    “you a south paw brother?”

    “….. Yeahhh..”

  10. rex3453 says:

    Does hulk hogan really have to say “brother” so many times?

  11. Klopecs says:

    Hogan is an Idiot!

  12. jflash214 says:

    titan looks like the lead singer from Sugar Ray on heavy roids.

  13. 3931Kong says:

    @jflash214 And 5’10″, to me, is considered quite tall. Because i’m 5’8″.

  14. 3931Kong says:

    @jflash214 Evan is 5’10″, as displayed in his Gladiator bio. But Titan makes him look damn small ><

  15. 3931Kong says:

    Evan isn’t a noob anymore, he’s the Gladiator Rocket in Season 2

  16. DeathHunterization says:

    rocket look more handsome as a gladiator ,this movie he look uglaammm

  17. jflash214 says:

    its funny they must intentionally select small contestants because this guy looks tiny compared to titan, and titan is 6 3 which is tall but not gigantic, your average nfl qb is 6 3

  18. LaughingOutKraut says:

    Hogan sure as hell wasn’t kidding! One of is legs is LITERALLY the size of the red guys waist!

  19. MasterMatt0312 says:

    That guy who fell won the finals and became a gladiator…

  20. serialkiller2028 says:

    gayer then a FUCKWIT making me a mind control experiment. thanks FUCKWIT now I have too see psychiatrists

  21. cakeisgod1 says:

    he reminded me of captain gial or captain plant or someone from fist of the

  22. Mortis says:

    Search “World’s Finest” on YouTube, you can see Michael O’Hearn (Titan) in a fan film trailer playing Superman.

  23. pxr58b says:

    @needabloodyname i have no doubts ur jealous as fuck.

  24. BlueBomber88 says:

    Titan, the original Highlander.

  25. BlueBomber88 says:

    Titan, the Highlander.

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