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American Gladiators Returns!

“It’s not a giant Q-tip! It’s a weapon!” and other classic quotes. On the new American Gladiators, Hogan definitely knows best.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “American Gladiators Returns!”

  1. BigEasyWinger says:

    It’s not a Q-Tip… :P

  2. DeathHunterization says:

    2:31 Very Funny , Fishing

  3. MrMeineNamen says:

    @YouToobDoode right but thats illigal here

  4. ohmyBUNNY says:

    I love this show but i think wipeout is better, not tryin to be rude just making it clear

  5. soccergladiator5 says:

    oh, well that sucks :/

  6. Danielmovieparty says:

    the show has been canceled already

  7. soccergladiator5 says:

    what do you mean?

  8. Danielmovieparty says:

    ok there is a third season that is suppose to be airing right now. The clowny revamp non american show has been canned though.

  9. vincentws03 says:

    hellga’s fat

  10. vincentws03 says:

    took me a few moments to get 2:34 saw some amazing things XD

  11. Darathath says:

    yeah lol

  12. Nihilanth says:

    Poor Ben… xD

  13. harki123 says:

    hellga is cool u can’t mess wit her lol

  14. metocool4u says:

    Does anyone else just thinik hellga is just fat not strong

  15. chairmanmao89 says:

    Americans don’t have free health care, so you can’t blame them

  16. yasinpatel12345 says:

    wtf this show looks more comic than anything else what is this? kiddie land where they hit people with foam what a bunch of bitches

  17. soccergladiator5 says:

    can someone answer me, will there be a third season?

  18. agalmata1 says:

    omg !!! Ben is the best !! hihihi

  19. Chavalierdeon says:


  20. UbeefHooked says:

    Thankyou America my retardation is complete

  21. JizzyMcJizz says:

    At least these guys poke fun at them selfs. Unlike the aussie version that was just as wankey and took itself seriously.

  22. YouToobDoode says:

    European gladiators = swords
    Americans = large Q-tips

  23. gaetanomariadigiorgi says:


  24. dack1337 says:

    met alot of great people and saw some amazing things


  25. scottpowe says:

    lol this is funny

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