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American Gladiators – James Ruggiero 28 June 2008 (His First Episode)

In his very first episode, James Ruggiero sets the new single show point total record at 41 (contemporary era). He runs over wolf in Powerball, knocks Toa off on Joust, and makes it to the second round/semifinals. At 6’2″ and 220 lbs. James was unstoppable! Hulk Hogan deems him “King James.”

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25 Responses to “American Gladiators – James Ruggiero 28 June 2008 (His First Episode)”

  1. moneymike085 says:

    He was my teacher when he was on the show my freshmen year.. He was gone for like a month or 2 an we had a sub the whole time, his classroom was fucked up when he got back ahahaha

  2. califinn says:

    At least Wolf was a man about it.

  3. bud389 says:

    @foxtrix Oh, yea, i think i’ll go up against people 10 years older then i am. Think about what your talking about dipshit.

  4. foxtrix says:


    and I would like to see you go against either of those two instead of being a couch potato=P

  5. Sbljuan says:

    Fucc wolf

  6. bud389 says:

    I’d like to see those ninja warrior pussies go up against THESE guys.

  7. Pizzaman882 says:

    I could beat all of them esaly im 15 they would all loose no joke

  8. Ttrotz says:

    That was the most awkward hug ever. James was like… shake? Sean was like… Hug :].

  9. FreonRose says:

    man holly wood hulk hogan pops up in the most unexpected places lol

  10. MultiBond004 says:

    passed his class in highschool with a be yucca trojans ahah

  11. godwinnwong says:

    his timing is bad though

  12. yeesha says:

    wow so sexy is the wolf, so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. rhcpguitarar says:

    Jame Ruggiero may be a douche, but he just ran over THE WOLF! HOOOOOOOWL!

  14. SergeantBagel says:

    “watch these pictuary retards bang their skulls together, and congratulate you for living in the world of freedom!”

  15. The99popgirl says:

    maybe he scould be the next gadialotor

  16. MrTheBeanman says:

    @bewareoftheleapard i know lol i hate the water but i guess its safer for them

  17. dumbum88 says:


  18. LaughingOutKraut says:

    God, what a douche. A sporty douche, though.

  19. zombiehunter5161 says:

    I wounder if they will make American Gladiators video game in 2011, well someone did but, it’s not American Gladiators, it’s from dead rising 2, it’s kind of reminds me of American Gladiators mainly because of all the games you can play, and it’s called TIR (Terror Is Reality)

  20. lovesheidi says:

    @9456sweet yup nice to see gladiators get knocked down and show they aren’t as tough as the show wants them to appear

  21. 999Leon999 says:

    @Kedemon amen ;-)

  22. 9456sweet says:

    damn he ran wolf over at 1:34

  23. s8715053122004 says:

    gay and fake just like wwe

  24. Kedemon says:

    Go back to bed, America. Here is American Gladiators. Here is 56 channels of it!

  25. RNelson11687 says:

    man american gladiators are weak now. i remember watchin this when i was a kid in the early 90′s the gladiators were bodybuilders. wayyyy more hardcore.

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