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American Bandstand Fashions 50s to 80s w/ Bunny Gibson

Bunny Gibson and other “Regulars” are featured in this clip from the Crooke & Chase Show, with Dick Clark and Little Richard. The dancers show off fashions they wore on American Bandstand from the 50s to the 80s. With Lawrence and Gregory Zarian, Peaches Johnson, and JoAnn Orgel.
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25 Responses to “American Bandstand Fashions 50s to 80s w/ Bunny Gibson”

  1. dudewat212 says:

    Soul-Train was better !!

  2. Sewnknit says:

    Remember when there were actual “dance steps”? Now couples just stand together and sway back and forth . . . . :-( Don’t think that’s “dancing”.

  3. ScorpioBornIn69 says:

    Indeed remember the American Bandstand on Saturdays during the ’70s and ’80s. what has happened to Saturdays, not to mention television period??

  4. valzinia says:


    I so agree with you Bunny. What a great time. I loved it.

  5. 63striker says:

    @BunnyGibson1 Wow! Loved to read all the details; I went to Frankford HS & Bandstand was steady part of our diets then. Wish I could locate some of the dance contests they aired. Never forget the finals danced to Freddy Cannon, Tallehasee Lassie. What a time to be a teen! :)

  6. discoqueen713 says:

    hi free2drm..joann n i are room mates! lol! after all these years! i talk to peaches a few times a week. joann is not on facebook. you can leave a msg here if you like & i’ll make sure she sees it. :o )

  7. free2drm says:

    @discoqueen713 JoAnn was my favorite. Do you knowif she is on Facebook or Myspace?

  8. free2drm says:

    Joann Orgel & Peaches were my favorite dancers. I wish the episodes from the 70′s was on DVD.

  9. free2drm says:

    Joann Orgel was my favorite dancer. I wish the episodes from the 70′s was on DVD.

  10. BunnyGibson1 says:

    Those days will always be with us….they left an incredible impact…we were very lucky teenagers to have experienced the early days of rock ‘n’ roll, American Bandstand & Elvis!

  11. balboa62 says:

    definitely, can’t forget those guys! We, too, lived in Levittown, PA…Bishop Egan High School, dad was stationed at McGuire AFB at the time. How I miss those days. Attended Ben Franklin Jr. High!

  12. Juliaflo says:

    @balboa62 Let’s no forget Justine Carelli (sp), Ken Rossi, and of course, Miss Arlene Sullivan.

  13. Iwastherein1969 says:

    since when is there a competition between AB and Soul Train ?….its all about having fun and enjoying being young…enough with the pitting race v race

  14. peabody66 says:

    The Soul Train dancers were far more better dancers than the American Bandstand dancers.

  15. lilyofthevalley7 says:

    I just subscribe to Soul train &
    The Ed Sullivan Show channels. I wonder why
    Dick Clark doesn’t have a channel for
    Original American Band Stand .
    Love these shows:)

  16. balboa62 says:

    we lived in one of the basic houses, but there was, across the street, a rancher! All the kids in my neighborhood went to Bishop Egan High, Levittown, PA. WOW, you were on Bandstand. That is cool. I have read the stories about the kids from a Catholic school, regulars, who would run to WFIL TV, roll their skirts up, etc., and wow, there they were. Were you a regular? You had one heck of a trip

  17. BunnyGibson1 says:

    @balboa62 For awhile, Ilived in Levittown, New Jersey, in the “Rancher” house when I went to Bandstand. Took me an hour and a half to get there. Would stand on Rt. 38 in my Catholic school uniform waiting for the bus to take me to Philly from Holy Cross High School with my hatbox full of Bandstand clothes in my hand. After the bus arrived in Philly, I would take another bus to 46th & Market Sts. arriving dressed in my Bandstand clothes and hair teased in a “Beehive” or twist. Fun days!

  18. balboa62 says:

    wow! Bunny Gibson! Carol Scaldeferri, Jiminez sisters, where are they all? Lived in Levittown, PA., would run home after school 1958, to watch AB. Loved it, so cool, great times

  19. imachildofthe80s8089 says:

    I would’ve loved living in rock and roll heave in the 80′s the sock hop, the poodle skirts, the leather jackets, the hamburgers and milk shakes. Oh square 50′s was awesome.

  20. BunnyGibson1 says:

    @BunnyGibson1 I’ll be dancing on “How I Met Your Mother” as one of 65 principal dancers in a New York Broadway style number called “Suits” on January 11th. There is a pic of myself and Jason Segel on my Facebook page… matter what, keep on dancing!

  21. BunnyGibson1 says:

    @MsTexas73 Thanks MsTexas…..glad you enjoyed our American Bandstand memories…..All the Regulars – dancers that are highlighted for each decade are just genuinely nice, fun people…..dancing keeps us all young!

  22. MsTexas73 says:

    *waves to Bunny* this is SOOO koo thanks.

  23. MsTexas73 says:

    doo wop, bebop and r&r all popular…but I would guess be bebop was not played on Bandstand much if at all.

  24. moonrayz4 says:

    In describing the 50s, the host shows his ignorance in saying “..the music was ‘be bop’..” which of course is wrong— he means “doo wop.”

  25. johnnystark100 says:

    What about Johnny Stark

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