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‘Allo ‘Allo – Pilot: The British Are Coming (part 1)

Episode 1 from season 1. I do not own anything. ‘Allo ‘Allo! is to David Croft & Jeremy Lloyd.

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25 Responses to “‘Allo ‘Allo – Pilot: The British Are Coming (part 1)”

  1. JimmyThaCop says:

    @jclutchman17 True. American humor is like puke in comparrison…. Brit humor is the BEST in the world!!!

  2. tadachara says:

    watching this all over again

  3. mathieunalan says:

    I watched this all the time in highschool…THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. mathieunalan says:

    I watched this all the time in highschool…THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. steveOo0o says:

    “red hair twat” hahaha

  6. poisonpoisoning says:

    Rene’s mother in law is friking hilarious in this one! Haha!!

  7. 121Swaleskid says:

    Time for me to rewatch all these again :D

  8. stogmot1 says:

    good moanning

  9. MrBillcale says:

    @MrBillcale no matter what crimes the british emprie commits monty python makes up for it

  10. klanders988 says:

    @MrBillcale lol. monty python ftw.

  11. Rooted4Me says:

    Thumbs up if your agree that Allo’ Allo’ is the best show ever

  12. sillybabybunnies says:

    this is the one that farted it all

  13. Livieble says:

    i love ‘allo ‘allo :)

  14. jb0609 says:



  15. JSuttonFan2 says:

    @garden2010city It decloaks the nazi’s and is showing an additional side of them, because apart from being the ruthless monsters they were, many of them were nothing more than cowardly little perverts moved into positions of power. That counteracts the whole superiority thing, because a twisted human being can still admire the strenght of a monster, but no one is admiring pervy joke figurs. + there are revisionists in Germany and they just go mad with anger about such shows!

  16. JSuttonFan2 says:

    @garden2010city On one hand I can perfectly understand you, the crimes that haven been comitted have to be remembered properly. And there has always to be a time and place for it, so that no one ever can mistake this for anthing else but satire. On the other side, laughing is strong weapon, it destroys the myth of the whole superiority act the nazi’s had going about themselves.

  17. garden2010city says:

    I used to laugh at Allo Allo but not now. British suffered at least in Europe(apart from neutral states) during WW2 . They experienced only bombing but NOT brutal german occupation.They didnt experience massive executions of innocent civilians,tortures,deportations to Auschwitz,searches of houses and Gestapo terror and extreme hunger ( really extreme..). Germans used women from occupied countries as sex slaves for German Army -continental europeans didnt make comedy like that for a reason..

  18. Ferrilsblood says:

    @jdakasf That is the only thing she says more than once XD

  19. DagonLord04 says:

    I love this show. i love all british comedy.

  20. arlichar11 says:

    love it… thanks 4 upload

  21. Luvmypets123 says:

    You’re right, but I love The Golden Girls too !

  22. rojko says:

    Allo allo and Married with children are the funniest comedies ever. I doubt any new will take their place

  23. alicemikef says:

    Thanks for putting all of these on . I really love this show.

  24. 4795Emily says:

    @whiskeycola1 Sameee <3

  25. drkchild7299 says:

    i forgot how funny this show is.

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