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Allo Allo funniest scenes compilation

Allo Allo episodes can be identified here:

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25 Responses to “Allo Allo funniest scenes compilation”

  1. LeahJane1995 says:


  2. arbanas10 says:

    Helga smiling at 5:39

  3. luigi6548 says:

    @Slu4ainika nope HEIL MUSSILINI

  4. sfsoler says:

    I would appreciate if subtitles in English are inserted. I cannot understand anything. The deaf would certainly appreciate it.

  5. MissLittleUchiha says:

    ‘Heil Hitler’

  6. Bloss26 says:

    RIP David Croft!

  7. portugal81 says:

    RIP David Croft he writed Allo Allo inTavira and Always loved Algarve

  8. teddingtontcu says:

    heil hitler,, he falls off the chair and eventually sticks has leg up in a salute….priceless

  9. mArl0rd says:

    David Croft R.I.P

  10. Slu4ainika says:

    The colonel’s face when Craptree says “I was pissing by the door” is priceless !!! So funny I really love Allo Allo… by the way HEIL HITLER!

  11. Music4AII says:

    You’re not going to sing again?!

  12. archer113 says:

    @spardett1999 i don’t know how he kept a straight face!

  13. spardett1999 says:

    that was amusing……-dirt falls on head- -frowns- that was not very amusing

  14. girlsrule713 says:

    LOL its hard to stop laughing

  15. suncu91 says:

    bas sam video poster na vukajliji sa komentarom “Herr Flick” i morao sam da nadjem ovu seriju na youtubu

  16. jaylasen1 says:

    Hahahahaha….good memories.

  17. StarSeeker94 says:

    2:00 EPIC WIN XD

  18. farangmaidee says:

    But possibly not! HAH, HAH, HAH! That Gestapo is funny! This series is the best on the earth. Nothing can beat this – only Fawlty Towers and Mr. Bean can get close. Yoooou-Stuuuupid-WoMan, Hah, Hah, Hah!

  19. Smilinginmygrave says:

    Sej si slovenc ne? ČE si hvala bogu da še en slo ma rd allo allo

  20. Male12368 says:

    If only World War 2 was this funny…

  21. TheFWAdmin says:

    @iriyabran You can get a £50 fine for doing that now

  22. DragonofEternity says:

    @iriyabran when I heard 2 shats

  23. girlsrule713 says:

    (2:07 – 3:17 ) is sooooo funny

  24. whowantsabighug says:


  25. AT4HS says:

    @TheD0CT0RWH0fan i was there… twice… and i must say ist pretty gay there

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