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All the FRAKS of Battlestar Galactica – Miniseries + Season 1

These are all the FRAKS on the very first season of Battlestar Galactica.
Video Rating: four / five

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25 Responses to “All the FRAKS of Battlestar Galactica – Miniseries + Season 1”

  1. AmericaWest90 says:


  2. Replayer101 says:

    Fraken sweet!

  3. skip8619 says:

    Wow, these people really love natural gas.

  4. markcbaldwin1 says:

    This is a fraking unbelievable video, I love it!

  5. Quartrez says:

    @supermanfan62 Frak that shut !

  6. CEOkiller says:

    @Cheesnaps I think Starbuck would be an incredible frack!

  7. ltveco8 says:

    FIIIINNNNNEEEE starbuk i’ll frak you :)

  8. Finimaga76 says:

    in sweden, frak + c = frack. in english = tuxedo xD

  9. DJRD555 says:

    cant take frak seriously anymore

  10. EpicBrandMuffin says:

    i dont give a flying frak.

  11. godboy114 says:

    Frak all of you!

  12. XxSteven2011xX says:

    Frak the 17 dislikers!

  13. supermanfan62 says:

    i gotta take a shut

  14. LiteracyLabyrinth2 says:

    “I dont give a flying Frak” LOL

  15. XvxBERSERKxvX says:

    I wanna frak starbuck like an animal.

  16. unwashedmichael says:

    you dumb son of a fracker i will frack you up you stupid fracker

  17. DeRicci says:

    I love how half of these are from Starbuck.

  18. 56postoffice says:

    Wanna frak with me? OK!!

  19. 56postoffice says:

    W hat the frak!? Frak off!!

  20. Fourmalletz says:

    And people think I’m weird for saying “Frak” at school.

  21. sipioc says:

    Galactica… Frak yeah! Coming again to save the mother frakin day yeah

  22. AlesandrosX says:


    Frack yeah!

  23. EmilVykureny says:

    @AlesandrosX Yeah i do,problem is , english is not spoken around here , so i look arguably even more silly then you do.Btw how bout at night ? :D

  24. FreakyLilii says:

    Frak ! That is SO real !

  25. AlesandrosX says:

    Anybody else say frack during the day? Or is it just me?

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