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All Star Family members Fortunes 27.10.2007 Name a type of bean?

Brian Dowling in the final round is asked to name “A type of bean?”

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25 Responses to “All Star Family members Fortunes 27.10.2007 Name a type of bean?”

  1. MrSkinnyBill says:

    Les beans are my favourite type of beans :)

  2. bluebear1985 says:

    @Jack89944 That could be possible, even if that answer wasn’t worth that many points. Of the UK episodes I’ve seen (I live in Canada), I think Les Dennis did the best job at this show. I have to watch the American show “Family Feud”, because Canada doesn’t seem to have its own version of any game show unless it’s for the French-speaking population in Quebec.

  3. Jack89944 says:

    name a type of bean mr bean

  4. underdogg20 says:

    I think he said the word lesbian, because a ‘bean flicker’ is slang for a lesbian. With bean meaning, the clitoris. I guess that term isn’t very known in the States.

  5. sglenney says:

    @redrandomz96 because he did. lol

  6. Jarren202 says:

    Family Fortunes is probably the only reason to watch Saturday evening TV.

    I’m glad it’s back on, I used to watch it with Les Dennis as a kid and Vernon’s a worthy successor.

    As for Brian here, well, god love him. Classic lack of brain-mouth co-ordination!

  7. cookiegirl578 says:

    scarf (ok good answer)
    tennis i don’t throw anything in tennis)
    brazlain wax (what)
    lesbean (lol random)
    sing a song (ok then lalalala)

  8. danh729 says:

    He could have said: Jelly Bean, Coffee Bean, Chilli Bean, Runner Bean, Kidney Bean and maybe a few more. The best he could come up with was Les Bean (or Lesbian which was what was actually said) lol, what an idiot.

  9. Tom1983ism says:

    what a tosser!

  10. YoshiPlatinum says:

    @redrandomz96 lol, He totally did. I guess they didn’t want to show it.

  11. MegaJackass75 says:

    I LOVE BRIAN !!!!

  12. cymrutroll says:


  13. redrandomz96 says:

    I swear I thought he said ‘lesbian’

  14. XXstilletoXX says:

    @greenday61892 I know, great isn’t it? :D LOL

  15. greenday61892 says:

    @XXstilletoXX He’s presenting the new Big Brother… that enough? :D

  16. Lavendergaljackie2 says:

    A Les- bean LMAO

  17. xcourtneymuirx says:

    Haha pmsl Name a type of bean ? Brian : Baked , BEEP Brian : Lesbian LOL why not Green Bean or Butter bean lol

  18. prue6967 says:

    “You’re a character, Brian!” Yeah, that pretty much says it all right there LMFAO

  19. Jenni1789 says:

    Crappinf myself with laughter

  20. LottieSingCutie says:


  21. MDkid1 says:

    @jacksparrow14 really? I”ll have to google that.

  22. jacksparrow14 says:


    he reminds me of Casper;s ghost uncle

  23. MDkid1 says:

    @jacksparrow14 are you blind? I think you’re blind….he’s soooooooooo yummy!

  24. MDkid1 says:

    theres something about that (hot) host that reminds me of Prince William.

  25. greenman4052 says:


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