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All Really like Broke Loose – Wink Martindale

Recorded 1958 by Dot Records.

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17 Responses to “All Really like Broke Loose – Wink Martindale”

  1. oldolds53 says:

    It sure is!!!
    Let’s jump and jive till the cow comes home!!! Haa haa.

  2. oldolds53 says:

    It really is!!
    Thanks for dropping by,take care and Rock On!!!

  3. oldolds53 says:

    Thanks, I love it too!!!

  4. drunkonjive says:

    it is a great jiver.

  5. rockdoowop5060 says:

    great song

  6. superfastmikey says:

    locve it great track,ta

  7. oldolds53 says:

    I agree.
    Thanks my friend!

  8. oldolds53 says:

    Yea, it’s rather nice.
    Thanks my friend!

  9. oldolds53 says:

    Wow! Thanks for your great words.
    I’ve posted this song earlier with a girl, Pat O’Day,why don’t you check it out?
    Have a great week Lilian.

  10. oldolds53 says:

    Yea,it’s a nice song Loupi.
    Take care.

  11. loupi52 says:

    A good choice !

  12. lilianmajbritt says:

    Very very great. Love the beat xxx
    Thanks for posting, Arne

  13. doowopftw says:

    Great style!

  14. oldolds53 says:

    That’s news to me.
    Is he still working with that?
    Have a great day Jim and keep smiling!

  15. nipsterstang says:

    Good one Arne!!
    Not bad for a Game Show Host!! Ha! Thanks for posting!!

  16. oldolds53 says:

    I wonder if you don’t sounded better than the record?
    Keep on singing dear Heels,maybe you got a record-contract!
    Take care my friend.

  17. HighHeelWoman1975 says:

    Dang-a-dang-a-dang… Just love that sound! Really nice, video too. Thanks!

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