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All My Youngsters Bloopers

A series of vintage All My Youngsters Bloopers featuring the 80′s and really early 90′s. Functions: Grant Aleksander-Alec McIntyre John Callahan-Edmund Grey David Canary-Adam Chandler Frances Heflin-Mona Kane Eileen Herlie-Myrtle Fargate Larry Keith-Nick Davis Eva LaRue-Maria Santos Grey Susan Lucci-Erica Kane Michael Nader-Dimitri Marrick Kathleen Noone-Ellen Shephard Dalton Richard Shoberg-Tom Cudahy

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25 Responses to “All My Youngsters Bloopers”

  1. SoapFansUnited says:

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  2. jaywood1983 says:

    r i p AMC

  3. jeniber says:

    wear my skin

  4. Trojan2511 says:

    If you wanna watch the full season in HD check out my /watch?v=pBTCw7rs5Hk

  5. MewYucie says:

    hi it cool mare jolbe

  6. soulgirl66 says:

    The one with the character “Ellen” dropping the stamps down her cleavage is my all-time favorite AMC blooper…especially when the director yells “Props!!”

  7. novusmundi says:

    @mqoat That is her. She was also on Knots Landing for a while too.

  8. thefireninja25 says:

    doornob is the funniest

  9. balthorpayne says:

    The last one with the guy laughing was hilarious.

  10. Mascro1977 says:

    a tootsie moment?

  11. HnHBlkM says:

    It was really weird and great to hear Susan Lucci laugh for once. I have watched AMC for a long time and I don’t think I have ever heard it. Great vid.

  12. Ratog4 says:


  13. ggm888 says:

    adam still looks the same

  14. amcfan100 says:

    Where do we live?..LOL

  15. wannagoback052 says:

    Myrtle and Mona, we miss you!

  16. IndyJDguy says:

    I loved where Eileen Herlie called Pine Valley, Spring Valley and it cracked me up when she asked “where do we live?”. So funny.

  17. jaspar38 says:

    I can only imagine what it was like when the soaps used to be aired live.

  18. cgarbiano says:

    So good to see all the old people

  19. snoops71 says:

    YES, they definitely were.

  20. debfan74 says:

    talk about vintage amc….cool to see bloopers from different times

  21. liberty9333 says:

    i love the flowers blooper LOL! XD

  22. wember099 says:


    spring valley…lol

  23. yaywhewclips242 says:

    Yes Ellen was awesome! i remember she was married to Erica’s half brother ??? He was a drug addict (remember also when the kid ??? tried to bake a cake w/ cocaine!!!?!!?!?). And Ellen was in a hospital bed when she told him the marriage was over! Excellent scene. I really don’t follow AMC anymore (here and there) but I think 1979-1986 were excellent years for AMC and OLTL!!

  24. amcfan100 says:

    yes you are right..

  25. kathy07002 says:

    you are right…she is…I watched the show since it started and she was on back in 76..

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