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All My Youngsters – Bianca and Reese 10.31.08

Bianca and Reese

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25 Responses to “All My Youngsters – Bianca and Reese 10.31.08”

  1. lindsey1476 says:

    Can you get this on dvd?

  2. peepabi says:

    woah the whole marriage thing its just showbiz

  3. latricethomas12 says:

    Writing aside, I think that Bianca and Reese looked more like they were a couple more than any other same sex relationship in daytime. I dont think that any other actress could have pulled Reese off either! Tamara was fantastic and she and Eden really went for it and I appreciate that!!

  4. PozoBlue says:

    @1234ruthz no no. eden left a while ago. bianca is now played by christina benet lind

  5. 1234ruthz says:

    is the actress that plays her bianca is the same actress from this year scence?? (with maricca and that.. )

  6. XxjamuxX says:

    hide yo kid’s hide yo wife hide yo huuusband’s a souless ginger is out there and she gowna eat yo babies

  7. umpus says:

    They never had the chemistry of FAB or BAM or MINX.

  8. rileyrox101 says:

    No we could have lived without Zack, Reese. Damn after watching this video again, i wished things worked out with these two. But I also love Marissa, so I am happy if she gets Marissa!

  9. rileyrox101 says:

    with the whole custody battle that was a little while ago, watching this video i find it a little hard to believe that reese would sell out the children so she could have a career.

  10. rileyrox101 says:

    with the whole custody battle that was a little while ago, watching this video i find it a little hard to believe that reese would sell out the children so she could a career.

  11. JaneLeveesLover says:

    when is the fisrt episode when they both apear together.?
    is this is it or are there others.?

  12. SoapFansUnited says:

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  13. kakaduty says:

    6:25-6:40 … WOW, such great feelings…

  14. laminage says:

    If there is one thing about the Kane-Montgomery Family is that they have a History of Self Sabotage. Everytime something good happens to them, it’s always ruined because they don’t feel that they deserve to be happy.

  15. WilandTarafan says:

    Well they are divorced but Reese is fighting for full custody of the girls. I knew Reese would not go down without a fight she didn’t last time so this time would not be any diffrent

  16. henooooooooo says:

    but i think theses 2 actress are awasome and both of them won the emmy rewards too,,,,,:)

  17. sharondoyle37 says:

    No offense but all US soaps have really bad writing and acting.

    English soaps at least have drama and realism and very talented actors and actresses.

  18. Classified005 says:

    OMG. I’m balling my eyes out right now. this is sooo beautiful!

  19. TheMysterioush says:

    i dont like same sex relationships but this couple really looks cute together………

  20. heartbrokenrina says:

    awwwwwwwww super cute<3 I love them together<3

  21. rainbowpride76 says:

    @mandy10ca This is only the second episode Reese was in. They met off camera in Paris. Her first episode was the day before.

  22. mandy10ca says:

    does one have postings of the first eps of when they first got together

  23. blonde198821 says:

    bianca is such a beautiful woman

  24. kutelass says:

    i like Bianca wid Reese the best ,, Reese is the best girl she has ever dated..

  25. ballershanelle says:

    those hand placements are realistic and shows tenderness and love. both ladies really put it out there but really, how hard is it to kiss someone if they are attractive, friendly with you and after the initial kissing…it gets easier! bianca really grew into a sensual body and woman! really really gonna miss her…

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