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All My Kids 8-26-11 Component 1

Greenlee wasn’t even on nowadays you guys, no way in hell did I pay a lick of attention. So cliff notes version: Zach is still becoming a total and utter douche bag to Griffin threatening him if he tells the FDA about the Orpheus Projects’ shotty dealings. Angie’s getting checked out by David and is told her surgery is being moved up. Cara’s still sticking up for David but asks him what the hell he’s been doing to these folks. Erica’s reminiscing about her past and Jack desires her to stop letting David get to her. Opal’s telling Erica to just remain in love with Jack and not get caught up with what David said. Brot proposes to Natalia. Tad is helping Maya discover her baby. Jesse tells Tad that Lucy is really Maya’s baby.
Video Rating: five / five

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25 Responses to “All My Kids 8-26-11 Component 1”

  1. SuperAmericangamer says:

    thumbs up if made brought you here

  2. holypotatoes01 says:

    @MuskPumpkin I did the same thing when it came to RB leaving. The first time she left back in ’05 I didn’t know she was leaving so I for sure thought Greenlee would get into a car accident as she left town and end back up at PVH lol. It is a soap opera after all, who ever actually gets to drive out of town pissed off? And I kept watching for like 2.5 weeks after that and she never showed up then I realized RB was gone for good. Now each time she leaves, I’m right behind her. This show sucks ass.

  3. MuskPumpkin says:

    @holypotatoes: Greenlee (Rebecca) is the only reason I watch AMC (& secondarily, Zack/Thurston). When Rebecca’s left the show, I totally stopped watching. When she’s back, I start watching. An add’l thought, bc I haven’t seen anyone mention her: what about Vanessa?? That woman could stir some stuff up…& WICKED! They oughta get her butt back her b4 the end

  4. MuskPumpkin says:

    @EmmieClassix: yeah, the story lines are really going from desperate to downright absurd!

  5. MuskPumpkin says:

    Even disguised as Cristo Jesús, Thurston is SO GD HOT!!!!

  6. yukigackt1 says:

    I liked Zach better when we all thought he was dead. Not that I liked him much before that. And seriously Griff, you need to just wash your hands of Kendall. She is so not worth it. And I still can’t believe the 180 from Cara. Before Dixie and Zach came back, I distinctly remember her being suspicious and warning David that he better not be involving Griffin in any illegal crap and suddenly she’s all “OMG this is like the best thing since penicillin. I want on board!”

  7. dorogaya says:

    You rock for posting this. Thanks!

  8. walkingmiracle says:

    Zach seems different, but I think it’s just because he has a plan. I also think he likes pressing Griff’s buttons and watching him squirm.
    It’s sweet that the writers are giving Brot and Natalia at least a shot at a happy ending.
    I wonder how long it will take Tad to figure out that Lucy is Maya’s.
    I agree with Angie. If I were the family of one of David’s Orpheus patients, I would definitely work more with him if he told me about it, rather than keeping them hidden for his purposes.

  9. walkingmiracle says:

    @EmmieClassix I’m not sure on the timeline, but this project has been around long enough for him to use it on Maria Santos. So, I guess anything is possible. Maybe he didn’t save Leo because he couldn’t find the body to save. Just guessing.

  10. EmmieClassix says:

    If Mike Roy is alive I’m gonna kick someones ass. I mean, he died 20 years ago, and if he could save someone that died 20 years ago, WHY DIDN’T HE SAVE LEO?!

  11. iXclusivMami says:

    I like david and all … but when Zack was in his care he wasnt getting anybetter, when he was brought to the hospital… they got him better within a few days ….???????? explain that

  12. holypotatoes01 says:

    @charlesISanime Nah. If you want the video on your computer, just get a download helper for your browser. They work perfectly fine. I’m not going to bother doing extra work on top of the work I’m already not too keen on doing in the first place. Sorry.

  13. charlesISanime says:

    well do you think you could post a megaupload link for the episodes you put on youtube ?

  14. holypotatoes01 says:

    @charlesISanime I don’t download them from anywhere. I record them as they air.

  15. charlesISanime says:

    were do you download your show’s from ?

  16. TVClassicsNow says:

    @xXSKyDragonXx Dixie certainly isn’t kissing the ground he walks on

  17. KeeWatts24 says:

    Zach seems different

  18. rfm2ckt says:

    @xXSKyDragonXx Of course… David is founding a cult. He’s going to be Grand Poobah of the Zombies!

  19. missonederful1 says:

    @misypooh U should subscibe to holypotatoes01 and that way the shows will be in your subscription box in the 3 parts everyday….And thankyou so much for posting the show @holypotatoes :)

  20. lofono1025 says:

    Thanks for the upload :) It’s Appreciated

  21. karlipooh says:

    Nice nipples, Erica.

  22. xXSKyDragonXx says:

    is orpheus made to bring people back and to make those people brought back to worship David?

  23. holypotatoes01 says:

    @misypooh Are you serious? I expect this from people who watch the first part as I’m uploading the rest (although I still find that incredibly irritating and completely obnoxious) but these bad boys have been up for like 2 hours now. Not everything pops up over in the suggestions, try clicking the upload drop down above the video. ;)

  24. misypooh says:

    wheres part 2 and 3 at?

  25. salumifan says:

    Thank you so much as always and so fast

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