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All My Children: Palmer’s Funeral- 1/4

4-20-2010-After news of Palmer Cortlandt’s sudden death hits Pine Valley, everyone gathers at Tad’s house to remember him. Features: Julia Barr-Brooke English David Canary-Adam Chandler Bobbie Eakes-Krystal Carey Ricky Paull Goldin-Jake Martin Michael E. Knight-Tad Martin Jill Larson-Opal Cortlandt Susan Lucci-Erica Kane Cady McClain-Dixie Cooney Martin Taylor Miller-Nina Cortlandt Warner Alicia Minshew-Kendall Hart Slater Debbi Morgan-Angie Hubbard Gillian Spencer-Daisy Cortlandt Walt Willey-Jackson Montgomery And James Mitchell as Palmer Cortlandt
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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22 Responses to “All My Children: Palmer’s Funeral- 1/4”

  1. ryanbradyjohnblack19 says:

    I loved Palmer Cortlandt (James Mitchell)!!

  2. Lemon020202 says:

    did he really die in real life? and from what?

  3. soapfan1977 says:

    I cried when they addressed Palmer’s death…..It was a well written episode…It was better than the 40th anniversay episode…..

  4. tishabyte says:

    @rpm8064 you are right about that lol

  5. DemetriceKessiner says:

    this movie was soooooooo amazing I watched it at

    watch YI last YI movies . coooooom [ remove YI ]

    and now I will buy the DVD

  6. pinoyboy30 says:

    What happened to Pete? Why didn’t he go to his father’s funeral? and R.I.P James
    Mitchell, he will be missed

  7. rpm8064 says:

    The Adam/Palmer rivalry was the shit back in the 80′s and 90′s. Those old dudes were out there with the crap they would do to get back at each other – LOL!

  8. orando09 says:

    good job you did great okay i wish i was in your show .

  9. delidude1999 says:

    how great they brought back Daisy (OLTLs original viki)

  10. clevelandphil says:

    Angie and Tad got old.

  11. amiblueful says:

    Julia Barr looks beautiful. So nice to see her again.

  12. AZUREE100 says:

    What a great tribute to Palmer. So many of AMC’S founders are gone or leaving.

  13. Cassie86R says:

    aw R.I.P. James Mitchell, this is so sad i’ve been watching him on t.v. since i was a little girl. You will truly be missed but never forgotten

  14. MrsBobbyJamesEwing says:

    I am going to miss the character of Palmer Cortlandt on All My Children.

  15. PRNeneChulo says:

    @ackgh73994 Oh they made it seem like a woman, but thanks I was lost there for a moment

  16. ackgh73994 says:

    @PRNeneChulo An un-named character who was never onscreen took off with the Cortlandt fortune after Palmer invested it in his fake company.

  17. PRNeneChulo says:

    Who are the speaking about who tried to swindle Palmer?

  18. leanie1965 says:

    I don’t watch the show any more & forgot that the tribute was this week for James Mitchell so thank you very much for posting these clips. I thought Jill (Opal) did an amazing job

  19. SOAPFAN1979 says:

    I so love the flash backs

  20. LeeColby1 says:

    @agmsc222 this was really a treat seeing daisy and nina again I was awe struck lol

  21. agmsc222 says:


  22. vandehodge says:

    Palmer was the father Erica always wanted and he did love her like a daughter, he adored Bianca and even Kendall. I’m going to miss him terribly. Much like David Canary, James Mitchell brought it everyday, he never phoned in a single scene.

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