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All My Children: A Tribute to Mary Fickett

On September 8th 2011, All My Children lost original cast member Mary Fickett. Fickett, 83, played matriarch Ruth Martin from the show’s inception in 1970 until its 30th Anniversary in 2000. The song is “One Sweet Day” by Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men. No copyright infringement intended.
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18 Responses to “All My Children: A Tribute to Mary Fickett”

  1. littebabygirls012 says:

    i wish that all my children come back on tv we all out there miss watching all my children we always look farward to watching the show every day on tv at 1 pm now taking off tv we all out there really miss watching it

  2. travis082185 says:

    the song is One Sweet Day” by Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men

  3. BigDHarlem says:

    I worked as a teller at Chemical Bank in New York. Ms. Fickett was a customer who I met a few times when she would come in to do her banking (the AMC studios were nearby). When I spoke with her and told her I was a fan of the show, it was as if she was family. Very gracious and just plain nice.

  4. ClassicLoverA says:

    Wow, this is indeed so sad. Losing Mary and AMC in the same month. I will always remember the joy you brought every weekday afternoon. A true soap legend, RIP Mary.

  5. donitabird61 says:

    what is the name of the song being played here on the video

  6. johnandvan says:

    Thank you so much for the wonderful tribute, Mary Ficket was fabulous.

  7. SueBeaWho says:

    THAT was beautiful!!! So respectful and I love how the poster showed them aging so gracefully and lovingly. I am BAWLING! Seriously well-done. And yay to a great show even tho I only watched it in the 70′s as a teen I STILL LOVE IT!!

  8. 441335 says:

    There are some roles that just should never be recast -Mary Ficket in every since of the word was a DIVA -Grace ,beauty style and class -she and Ray Macdonald had so much great chemistry and she was a magnificent actress -to the person who arranged this tribute you chose a beautiful song and it was a great tribute -Thank You

  9. munecojim says:

    Thanks! A very nice tribute. Great to see all those scenes.

  10. rocksinger45 says:

    Mary you were the cornerstone of the Martin family and your roll as a mother against the Viet Nam war was a welcome and needed source of insperation to others who were affraid to take a stand in that era…RIP and thanks.

  11. KGirl1953 says:

    @adelgado75 Amen to that!

  12. KGirl1953 says:

    I loved her. RIP Mary.

  13. adelgado75 says:

    Some people consider these scenes as old fashioned but I say that we could use some of this so-called ‘old fashion’ sensibility right about now. We are supposed to live in a better world but we are living in constant fear. Give me old fashioned anytime.

  14. LucyFan2007 says:

    Rest in Peace Mary. She will truly be missed. No offense to Lee Meriwether but Mary was the one and only Ruth in my eyes.

  15. soapfan1977 says:

    OMG! I can not believe that the original Ruth Martin is gone!

  16. TheDancefreack16 says:

    To me Mary Fickett will always and forever be the one true Ruth Parker Brent Martin on All My Children. She reminded me so much of my maternal grandmother Shelby Jean Fisher Coeburn Lynch.

    Dancefreack16/Holly Marie Coeburn.

  17. ThorneAstor says:

    Rest in Peace.

  18. dori363 says:

    This was truely lovely.

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