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All My Children 8-18-11 Portion 1

I don’t have significantly of a synopsis for the show since frankly, I did not watch it these days heh. I haven’t even watched the Greenlee scenes. I know Jake/Amanda speak. Greenlee/Zach talk about Griffin and Ricky. Zach/Jesse speak about the plane crash and if he knows anything about what happened. Dixie/Tad kissed and stated they can’t be together or something. Cara’s as soon as again crying, what else is new? Griffin/Kendall had been talking about something as well. Greenlee goes to Davids room at the Yacht Club and talk about some stuff and David throws Gillian in Greenlee’s face, as soon as again alluding that he has these individuals stashed away. That’s just the cliffs notes version of what I saw while clipping these poor boys together lol. Watch to find out far more I guess.
Video Rating: five / 5

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17 Responses to “All My Children 8-18-11 Portion 1”

  1. disizanewme says:

    @shaytwah I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s noticed that… Pine Valley should be flooded by now.

  2. Persephoness says:

    So unfortunately i care nothing about Tad and Dixie….They bore me:((
    I sped up through so many of their scenes.
    Am just here for the Zendall :) ))

  3. shaytwah says:

    kara cries wayyyyyyyy tooo much…like every single day

  4. dorogaya says:

    Thank you for posting!

  5. PresidentalV12AMGkit says:




  7. jlafferty23 says:

    Griffin/Kendall have amazing chemistry!

  8. LonePalm1 says:

    Thank you so much for the clips!

    Good lord I loved the scenes between Jake and Amanda – amazingly perfect chemistry shared by RPG and CS!

  9. babycarly32 says:

    I loved the Castello siblings and I so wanted them to be happy with Tad & Kendell this is messing with the dynamic but I also love Zach :( .

  10. soccermedic1974 says:

    Thank you for posting, I can’t watch these in Ecuador.

  11. nichtsleezy says:

    You know, I don’t see any chemistry between Grif and Kendall.

  12. lovely622 says:

    I still love kendall and griffin together even though sack is back.

  13. Yamandcry says:

    thanks for posting so quickly

  14. angie0617 says:

    Thank you for going through all of the work of posting even though you don’t watch it. That is very kind of you.

  15. holypotatoes01 says:

    @NADIA1102 Hehe, what can I say? It’s a gift really. I still have yet to watch the episode so that description isn’t changing any time soon lol.

  16. NADIA1102 says:

    Nice Description!!! Thanks!

  17. ubercontralto says:

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!

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