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All in the Loved ones / Archie Bunker’s Location Opening Credits

the opening credits for All in the Family staring Carroll O’Connor followed by the opening credits for the spin off show Archie Bunker’s Location.
Video Rating: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “All in the Loved ones / Archie Bunker’s Location Opening Credits”

  1. tpir1972 says:

    The guy in the beginning sounds like the guy from CHUCK BARRIS productions but it’s the creator of AITF.

  2. Aspioni says:

    I loved this show – I loved how cynical Archie was and how he had valid points yet they’d make an ass out of him if he took his racism/sexism/classism too far. I’d totally do him if he were still alive.

  3. jonnygouda1 says:

    This will forever be a classic. “All in the Family” that is. I remember as a kid trying to sit through an episode of “Archie Bunker’s Place” but it devolve into misery and depression and why did they have to kill of Edith. What in hell? So Jean Stapleton didn’t want to do the show anymore. Come up with a nicer story. The spinoff was depressing.

    But may God Bless Carrol O’Conner

  4. nequillim says:

    @Jasonlittlex I’m Jewish. That’s classified information you just made public. Please remove it or YOU will be removed.

  5. Jasonlittlex says:

    This was a typical Norman Lear (Jewish) production – meant to be anti-White.

    Cultural Marxism (known as Political Correctness), socialism, mass illegal immigration, and NeoConservativism all have the same thing in common: They are Jewish intellectual movements that are hostile to the West. We are now under the control of Hostile Elites.

    Google the works for Dr. Kevin MacDonald. Also visit his site The Occidental Observer. See his paper “Understanding Jewish Influence”

  6. RetroJenny says:

    @gamshwfan It seemed okay? You must be very young or not old enough to appreciate the reruns on tvland. No show today could even compare to this classic.

  7. canadiananny86 says:

    @KINGjrod67 Only Carroll O’Connor is dead. Jean Stapleton is alive and kicking at 88 years old. You must be thinking of her character Edith Bunker

  8. KINGjrod67 says:

    Girls were girls and men were men! The way it should be. RIP-Jean Stapleton and Carroll O’Connor.

  9. JohnExmouth says:

    Bit of the old female baldness for Edith there.

  10. Lisalater says:


  11. OreckBoy1 says:

    Seeing these classics, it’s so pathetic to see all the “staged” drama on all these “reality” shows. They actually want or think people care about these spoiled “real” househags or drunken Jersey shore idiots. All you see are them arguing, getting in each others faces, screaming, etc. With all the truly horrible things happening in this world, why do we cater to this form of “entertainment”. Give me 30 mins of Edith’s babbling over any “reality’ show anytime. Sadly, Reality TV is here to stay.

  12. nuwavevidspud says:

    Edith Bunker’s annoying shrill voice

  13. LudicrouslyLuis says:

    The thing about the good old days, that it was just as bad if not worse than today.

  14. Beejjjjjj says:

    @stigler30 , I never could get into Seinfeld, though I’ve tried. “The Andy Griffith Show” is okay, but certainly not one of my favorites. But I absolutely love “All in the Family.” I’m buying all the DVDs. It’s definitely one of the greatest IMO.

  15. radudeATL says:

    @trashman654 No problem! Internet humor can sometimes be strange. Sometimes. ;-)

  16. trashman654 says:

    @radudeATL oh he he sorry about that i obviously didnt know what that meant sorry

  17. radudeATL says:

    @trashman654 You obviously missed the #tongueincheek tag at the end of my post. I was simply joking.

  18. trashman654 says:

    @radudeATL how is it a rip off archie bunker’s place was a spin off of all in the family it was still starring carroll o connor but it didnt have sally struthers or rob reiner but they had jean stapleton die unseenly in the first episode even though she didnt really die Silly Youtube User

  19. radudeATL says:

    Man, talk about a rip-off. That Archie Bunker’s place theme sounds just like the All In The Family theme!


  20. harry1552 says:


  21. demikede1 says:

    Most controversial comedy ever! Still is the fact 40 years later. But prime-time comedy changed indeed. ‘All in the Family’ reruns are on TV Land. To have a comical look at bigotry isn’t really a threat, just a way to show bigotry came from ignorance. Also some critics worried about Archie himself a stereotype of working-class whites & conservatives but in the 1970s sense, not defined in the present era. This was the 70s when society was changing & now we looked back to see things have changed.+

  22. ryanmshepard92 says:

    @howellfilm To be honest, I like Seinfeld just as much as AINF. They had different styles of humor, but that doesn’t make one better than the other.

  23. BatNuklier says:

    @ACLTony , unless Archie’s son in-law “meat head” says “what God?” lol

  24. Wequestionanswers says:

    ok im a young teenager and i watch this show almost everyday i love it so much!!!!

  25. ChristyFisty says:

    Happy Birthday, Bunkers. <3

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