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All in the family England is a fag country!

All in the family what a excellent show!! :) I don’t agree with any of his points i just find it a funny show :)

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25 Responses to “All in the family England is a fag country!”

  1. antman08015 says:

    @chuckthomas94 lol at being proud of being catholic… lol a church full of pedophiles that is always trying to cover it up… LOL then this guy goes on about “queers” thats fucking hilarious

  2. NoGoodBoyo1000 says:

    @manc1962 That’s the pop culture crowd, not an accurate reflection.

  3. don2neptune says:

    haha ah good old classic archie. Truly genius characters with the liberalism of michael, the conservative prejudice of archie and the god bless her for being in the middle of it mentality of edith

  4. EddieLandsberg says:

    @patsybob Which is why this TV show ran on TV to make fun of racism and sexism and discuss social issues at a time that England still had TV shows with people in black face.

  5. tsartodd says:

    considering that´╗┐ England used to control half of the world, they must’ve been a really tough bunch of faggots.

  6. Mwfrizzellandsons says:

    This is when people could think clearly, if they wanted to. Before being a homosexual was treated as normal behavior. If we had a farm animal that was a homosexual it would be served with fries.

  7. beeroosterm says:

    @patsybob Fine – but whatever can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence. You’re back to square one, patsy…

  8. patsybob says:

    @beeroosterm Yes, but if we want to be loudmouths I can say whatever, without any facts, when I please just like American media !

  9. beeroosterm says:

    Thank goodness this show was created just before political correctness became widespread. No possible way this show could be created today. I don’t remember seeing this show in syndication lately – a sign of things to come?

  10. beeroosterm says:

    @patsybob Agree. Now try and convince me your brilliant synopsis doesn’t apply to every other country on this earth.

  11. testodude says:

    @Alemirex South Park creators did say he’s partially based on Archie Bunker.

  12. yoyo2121d25 says:

    @chuckthomas94 Amen Brother

  13. patsybob says:

    America is a homophobic country! Its also incredibly racist and sexist!

  14. steel7112 says:

    I have to admit, England is a fag promoting country.

  15. hottubman19 says:

    England is a &@! country

  16. ZeoVGM says:

    @chuckthomas94 That’s hilarious that you lie to yourself and PRETEND that somehow Republicans want to make a show like this. How ignorant.

  17. ZeoVGM says:

    @theknightlynews What rings true exactly?

  18. ZeoVGM says:

    @chuckthomas94 You’re joking, right? You’re not really this disgusting and stupid, right?

  19. eeky97 says:

    whats wrong with you?

  20. EvilSlyGuy says:

    @garply101 Relax.. based off of it.. not copied.. all shows are based off of something else and AITF was far different from any other.

  21. theknightlynews says:

    @kadees21 Some of the things he said were silly, but some of them were right on the money, but said in a funny way.

  22. stringerboi says:

    England is a FAG country.

    Now get PC on me even though i made a joke

  23. kadees21 says:

    @theknightlynews Actually Archie was supposed to be a lovable bigot. It’s hard to hate him cuz he doesn’t know any better.

  24. chuckthomas94 says:

    @togermano No it’s liberals in Hollywood that profoundly hate people that see things like Archie. The left wingers in show biz that are politically correct don’t want to produce a show like All in The Family because it goes against what they believe in. Could you really see a show like All in The Family on tv today? And if someone that wasn’t a liberal wanted to make a show like All in The Family today, the majority of Hollywood would blacklist them!

  25. garply101 says:

    “we kicked England out a long time ago”

    But decided to copy their TV shows years later,

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