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Alias Smith & Jones Pilot

This is how it all began when Heyes & Curry decided to go straight.
Video Rating: four / five

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22 Responses to “Alias Smith & Jones Pilot”

  1. pitbullwinkle says:

    @frncy54 Amen to that!! Pete and Ben were awesome!!

  2. 85crimsonred says:

    @jonnyreyn The DVD box containing both season 2 & 3 was released in April 2010. It’s even out on!

  3. jonnyreyn says:

    Sheer quality……….remember watching this as a kid on BBC 2 on Monday nights and I loved it …just got the box set of the first series and love it just the same….why hasn’t series two been released ??

  4. debswatching says:

    This phrase was used by 17th century highwaymen (robbers) in the UK, when holding up stagecoaches – literally ‘stop and deliver me of your money’.

  5. OW41N says:

    @85crimsonred pete duel died

  6. liverpoolishgirl says:

    @anakinobiwan321 Stand and deliver – meaning ‘hand over the goods’ he’s just pronouncing it in an exaggerated, western slang way.

  7. kurtb8474 says:

    @bellehorn Pete Duel committed suicide during the series’ run.

  8. Jazz26lover says:

    Man! This is probably one of the only westerns I’ve watched and loved… And I LOVE IT!!! Pete Duel was amazing!!! And still is! :D BRILLIANT!!!

  9. frncy54 says:

    They were both good looking and the whole concept of the show would not have work without both of them. You cannot have chemistry with one person. Ben and Pete were both fine actors and losing either one of them would have made the show different. I liked Pete too, but without Ben the show would have been bland.

  10. sharibelle1999 says:

    He wouldn’t have to point a gun at me, I’d just give him whatever he wanted.

  11. sharibelle1999 says:

    Pete Duel was so handsome, beautiful smile and dimples, so much charm, a great actor, he put the “spice” and “pazaaz” into this show. After his death, the show just seemed so bland to me.

  12. 67shazza says:

    apparently he kinda of had to do this series or face suspension.. but he did enjoy doing the pilot episode unfortunatly his attitude went down after been told it was going to be a long running series!! i dont think he realise how popular it became and how well loved those characters were!!

  13. antiquax says:

    “Stand and deliver”
    It was the traditional cry of the english highywayman: “Stand and deliver, your money or your life!”

  14. pitbullwinkle says:

    I agree with ..cynthiacher…two of the most gorgeous men on TV….I remember this show when I was very little…Pete Duel was just so handsome…..damn shame about waht he did to himself……..It just wasn’t the same after they recast…..

  15. 85crimsonred says:

    “Stand and de-liver” Well that’s what I’m hearing. Don’t ask me exactly what he means with that, english isn’t my first language so I’ve never understood that one… Hehe

  16. anakinobiwan321 says:

    What does Heyes says at the beginning?

  17. 85crimsonred says:

    Yeah it is. Especially if you think about why that came to happen…

  18. bellehorn says:

    it’s sad that hayes changes after the 2 season to some other guy

  19. cynthiacher says:

    Pete Duel hated AS&J. He called it “trash.” He was wrong. It was a fun, well-done show, not heavy drama, but very entertaining. And it starred two of the most gorgeous men ever on a tv screen, Pete Duel and Ben Murphy.

  20. Chicagoan444 says:

    Great clip from the pilot episode. .. shows the start of a bad day for our heroes, Curry and Heyes, along with the humor and relationship that made this show so good. Sure hope the 2nd season comes out on DVD some time soon.

  21. DUEL7676 says:


  22. janisdeck says:

    Thanks for posting this. What a great show and this clip says it all. I hope we will have the second season available to purchase soon too.

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