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Alias Smith and Jones with Pete Duel and Ben Murphy

Pete Duel and Ben Murphy in Alias Smith and Jones.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Alias Smith and Jones with Pete Duel and Ben Murphy”

  1. Lancaster730 says:

    One of the best westerns Ever made ! I really find it hard to believe Pete Duel is no longer with us , Pete really did have alot to live for , he had the looks . To me He WAS Hannible Hayes !! Rest In Peace Pete Duel

  2. bblasy2 says:

    @doctorwhonico it still kills me also

  3. kurtb8474 says:

    This was TV’s answer to “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.” The movie was tremendously popular at the time.

  4. TheKingfisher10 says:

    This series was class

  5. linnyhaha says:

    I was 5 when my mom told me and I thought “why did he do that?”. So sad. Didn’t watch the series with the replacement.

  6. ashbyjay says:

    And happily it has just been announced that the full series is going to be released onto DVD – at long last!!! I will be watching Amazon USA like a hawk ;)

  7. doctorwhonico says:

    One of my favorite shows when I was a kid !

  8. recaulkulous says:

    I was a little cowboy when Pete took his own life. I felt weird about it, he always seemed so happy, I didn’t understand. I still don’t. Then what did the network do? Found another actor to play him. That was a terrible year for my innocence.

  9. kirkbyla says:

    now you can what pray tell

  10. ashbyjay says:

    It is tragic that he did not get help. Life can be rough at times, but all things pass if you let them.

  11. applesky007 says:

    I was a little girl in love with Pete. Devestated when he took his life. I really could not understand it. Now I can.

  12. chrischris1315 says:


    Thanks for posting.

    Recall watching this in the early 1970′s on a black and white TV set at my Grans.

    Happy days.

    Also recall being shocked that one of the stars had shot himself

    Not such happy days….

  13. Geert365 says:

    Probably the first time i felt a fear of death in my life looking at these guys as a kid and finding out
    one of them had already died. Remember always having a weird feeling about it watching the show.

  14. ashbyjay says:

    A number of actors have died accidentally because a gun has been loaded with ‘blanks’ – these are very dangerous at close range, so the best thing to do is never to point a gun either at yourself or another person.
    Pete Duel either accidentally shot himself or committed suicide while at his home on 31st December, 1971. It was a tragedy both for him and for his family, who never really got over it. Anybody out there contemplating such an action, please get help – that final step is so final.

  15. elleJify says:

    Travis loved “Dukes of hazzard” Pete Duel was murdered on that TV set. He thought he was firing a gun with blanks..but i could be wrong

  16. ashbyjay says:

    I know what you mean – so very sad. Not only was he very handsome, but he was an exceptionally gifted actor. It must have been an appalling time for his family and I don’t expect they ever got over it.

  17. hdwell says:

    Peter Duel was a favorite actor of mine-it really hurt when he had committed suicide.

  18. AllHailDiscordia says:

    what a great show – action – humor – witty style

    what a terrible loss of life at a young age

  19. sharibelle1999 says:

    we’re under hurricane warning where I live, but I’m not even worried about it, as long as I have Pete Duel on my youtube to watch, the rest of the world can pass me by or blow me away and I still won’t care.

  20. sharibelle1999 says:

    I miss Pete so much.

  21. airscrew1 says:

    Thanks for that I’ll check it out.

  22. ashbyjay says:

    Try the Internet Movie Data Base – there is a film listed there which sounds like it called ‘How to Steal an Aeroplane’ . I think this is probably it, Airscrew ;)

  23. airscrew1 says:

    Does anyone know the name of a film that Pete duel starred in where he escapes in a small aircraft at the end with a woman. It was shown soon after he died but I can’t remember the whole film.

  24. airscrew1 says:

    It was first shown in 1970 that’s when I watched it.

  25. airscrew1 says:

    Does anyone know the name of a film that Pete Duel made where he and some others escape in a small aeroplane at the end? I saw it once soon after he died but I was only 9 years old and would love to see it again.

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