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Alfred Hitchcock interview (component 1 of 6) Tomorrow Show with Tom Snyder Fall 1973

Here it is. Lengthy thought to be lost or destroyed a complete recording has been identified of 1 of the couple of hour lengthy interviews of Alfred Hitchcock . Originally broadcast as one of the initial Tomorrow Shows with Tom Snyder in the Fall of 1973. This recording is from a second repeat of this show broadcast on Memorial day, 1980. The VHS (SP) tape itself was discovered to be in excellent condition. While correctly stored in a climate controlled environment it apparently had not been played in decades. Excellent care has been taken to make the digital transfer. This segment offers with what Alfred Hitchcock himself is afraid of (ie policemen), is he Genuinely a monster?, and what’s his concept of happiness?

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25 Responses to “Alfred Hitchcock interview (component 1 of 6) Tomorrow Show with Tom Snyder Fall 1973”

  1. jcmangan says:

    @razorath92 Probbably was.

  2. takemeamerica says:

    i love hitchcock. :)

  3. razorath92 says:

    Hitchcock looks so drugged out.

  4. mp01juve says:

    @Edmolda Update. Now there is another fag and it certainly ain’t me. Love Hitch’s work

  5. SleazyMovieProd says:

    @virginiatechfanx It’s called old.

  6. 17Vettel says:

    Alfred Hitchcock is great

  7. johnnysbubbletop63 says:

    Snyder has a very distiinguished voice. Not in the Hitchcock sense, but you’re able to tell it’s him unlike others who have a nondescript voice, and whom sound just like their siblings.

  8. Aali8Britney says:


  9. zacman182 says:

    1:20 What the hell is going on in that mind of yours Al?

  10. 3642130 says:

    hitch died in 1980, so maybe this was rereleased for that. i was 10 but my mother had got me into hitchcock. in the 1970s.

  11. crystalbratcher30ify says:

    @notredamehesamighty yeah i saw it when tom snyder was on.

  12. cully67 says:

    did he say albert?

  13. notredamehesamighty says:

    I sure do miss Snyder’s late night show. Missing Hitchcock’s films goes without saying. He never directed a bad film.

  14. McJusticeface says:

    What a man. A true Artist and Legend and Human Being

  15. slonamu says:

    He hated the pigs too. I winder what he would say about US today with the HomeLandDefence and his native country exeeding the Big Brother from 1984 1000 fold? Imagine the horror movies he would produce to mach our reality.

  16. SandersonCallum says:

    6:31 so that is how he died

  17. tatertots725 says:

    lol its like hitchcock smoked a joint b4 the show

  18. 2Isobel says:

    Hi is such an entertaining guy you could listen to him all night. He made the best films every made.

  19. ertzuiop123 says:

    What a stupid talk show host.

  20. MrFuhrer2009 says:

    Nothing wrong here cops are one freaky bunch of people, spying on us and shit

  21. RyanAltenbach says:

    2 people have Vertigo

  22. ellbo2 says:

    Must be the greatest director who ever lived.

  23. Silverwire100 says:

    It’s a tragedy that he was never fully embraced by the art establishment during his time.

  24. kjay31colombian says:


  25. kjay31colombian says:

    4:21 Alfred Hitchcock was AFRAID OF PARKING TICKETS!!! LMAO!!!

    Now a days we worry about them beating us´╗┐ and shooting us with their taser guns.

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