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Alfie meets Kat part 1 – EastEnders – BBC

Part one of two. Having assumed the identity of the new pub manager, Alfie finds himself pulling a suspect pint and conducting a rather spontaneous and flirtatious barmaid interview with Kat as Albert Square’s cheeky cockney announces his arrival in his own imitable style. Click beneath the video to view in high quality and visit for all the latest news, sneak peeks and behind the scenes gossip.
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19 Responses to “Alfie meets Kat part 1 – EastEnders – BBC”

  1. shadane18 says:

    wow kat and alfie were in the soap when jamie was! i dont remember that.. gawd lol

  2. j04370859 says:

    @weber134 He arrived just a month before jamie died.

  3. JKBearness says:

    @missrebekahfaye yeah?

  4. JKBearness says:

    @omgodsword LOL!

  5. missrebekahfaye says:

    JAMIE!!!! :)

  6. joetri10 says:

    @weber134 O_o.. I remember alfie when he first came in but i dont remember much of jamie :S.. that is a supprise ‘.’

  7. iloveuee1 says:

    £1.50 for a pint?
    It’s like £3.50 now!

  8. EEKalfie says:

    The start of Walfords best couple! <3

  9. weber134 says:

    Alfie was there when Jamie was alive! WOW!!

  10. omgodsword says:

    ahhh if only people back in the days (brick phone days) knew what phones would be like today :D
    i remember the first time i heard of a touchscreen phone…it was amazing just touching it when it wasn’t even turned on :o

  11. clairsaccess says:

    @yasmincassie ikr!

  12. doggie101171 says:

    @jackh558 want a medal?

  13. yasmincassie says:


  14. 94CHARL says:


  15. Sasha2999 says:

    lol the old mobile’s.

  16. FrankieLovesDanger says:

    I love these two.

  17. TheVtieg6 says:


    You have to wait for that

  18. xdanniiebabeszx says:

    where’s the second part? x

  19. jackh558 says:


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