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Alex Trebek on Jimmy Kimmel Live Part 1

Jimmy Kimmel Live – The initial part of Jimmy’s interview with Alex Trebek
Video Rating: five / 5

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19 Responses to “Alex Trebek on Jimmy Kimmel Live Part 1”

  1. kingbooger94 says:

    Doesn’t Alex Trebek sound like John Knicely from Channel 6 News???

  2. thagrtstuvawltyme11 says:

    He just snapped his achilles tendon chasing down a burglar who tried to steal his Braclet given to him by his mother

  3. kwhardin says:

    alex trebek, i will now watch jeopardy every day! hes a redskins fan! i fucking love you man!

  4. WelshPikachu says:

    Sean Connery

  5. medialies100 says:

    Trebek, repping Sudbury, Ontario like a mowfuckin’ OG SB gangstaaaa

  6. thunderscratch66 says:

    i like that tie

  7. whythehell99 says:

    You know, Trebek is actually a pretty good looking guy without a mustache. With it he looks horrible. Funny how a little hair can do that huh?

  8. cellardoorx says:

    Alex the stud with the stache

  9. abola2121 says:

    Kebert Xela!

  10. bungalaix says:

    havent you learned anything from the terminator?

  11. jkcrusher18 says:

    the day is mine trebek!!!!

  12. MarenElisa says:

    He should’ve kept the ‘stache.

  13. jaimathur says:

    fuck kim kardashian… she gets 10 minutes and alex the icon gets 6… fuck tv

  14. sxer99 says:

    Suck it, Trebek!

  15. acebunny17 says:

    I thought he was a fashion designer 0_o

  16. footytang says:

    he needs the stache

  17. mdpatelz0 says:

    im a computer….fuck u humans

  18. RoyPacShakur says:

    2nd lol-East Oakland Roy

  19. goodwilltx says:


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